Kundali Bhagya 12th August 2024 Written Episode Update: Preeta Sees Sherlin Helping The Kidnapper

Karan with Shrishti & Sameer enter the room where Sherlin already waiting, she appeals him what is the problem, Karan appeals where he’s the, she’s not been able to really know afterwards he mentions that he’s asking about the kidnapper.

they all start searching for him, Shrishti exclaims that she will make him a kebab, he wonders what they will make him, they all start searching the room for the kidnapper, Sherlin quite quickly shifts the table with Prithvi so that no one is able to locate him.

Maira is walking in the hall wondering where Sherlin is as she feels that she’s cheating her, she sees Preeta afterwards wonders that she was within the mandap when she left so what is she doing here, Preeta thinks of just just how she planned to inject Mahesh Luthra with something so that he remain in coma.

she warns Maira that just just how does she dare to think of harming anyone, just afterwards Karina comes asking Maira what she’s doing here mentioning that it’s her wedding with karan so this is the special day for her as there were a lot of residents those have an evil eye on their own own relation, she also assures that she never worry about Preeta as Karan did not invite her as a guest although as a witness that he doesnot love her so she can also realize that she’s not lucky for their own own family (4) (4), Karina afterwards mentions that she’s unlucky & Mahesh is as of now in this condition because of her so she should stay far from Preeta, they both afterwards leave.

Karan & Shrishti are not been able to locate anyone afterwards karan sees the glass leaning on the table, Shrishti sits on top of it & prithvi is feeling the weight, he stumbles although when they’re about to watch she points that they have to locate the kidnapper.

Preeta is walking & she stumbles into Shrishti, she tries taking the glass although is not been able to as Shrishti holds it tightly mentioning that it’s for karan, Preeta gets angry in her afterwards karan takes the glass

exclaiming that it’s made from their own own homegrown fruit so he will be the only one to drink it, they both gain in a dispute although she’s not been able to take (2) (2) the glass, they both fight over who will drink it.

Shristi & Sameer are pressurizing karan to drink that angers Preeta as she mentions that she’s feeling thirsty although they’re still taking the side of Karan, he’s about to drink it although afterwards seeing Preeta tries to give it to her, she gets stubborn & doesnot take (2) (2) it, he afterwards again gets mad & they both start pulling the glass it drops on the floor, Preeta getting mad leaves them all, he mentions that he feels really nice after teasing her, afterwards leaves after drinking the juice, Shrishti & Sameer are joyed over what they have completed.

they both plan to locate the kidnapper now that they have executed their own own plan.

Sherlin quickly pulls the cloth from Prithvi who falls, she queries in complaint he’s okay, he gets angry complaining that she understood it with him & so should not have sit as she’s really heavy & it’s caused immense pain, he’s scolding her.

when she mentions that it’s because of her that he’s still out of jail so he should be thanking her, he pleads with her to locate him a place to hide as she knows the Luthra mansion, she clears that he could’t leave in the same clothes, Rishab comes & knocks on the door asking her to open it, she in a hurry hides Prithvi in the wardrobe afterwards opens the door & steps outdoor, she stops them from coming in because Maira is correcting her clothes.

Prithvi is as of now within the wardrobe & is getting suffocated, he states to his own own mask that he should save him this time as afterwards he had always keep it with her, Sherlin comes back & tries to open the wardrobe although it’s not as it gets stuck, he states that she should hurry up as he’s getting suffocated.

Maira is with Karina who mentions she’s amazed that the kidnapper has guts to come & hide in their own own house, Maira states that she will come after getting new, afterwards she heads into the room, Preeta seeing that Maira is as of now in this room realizes that Sherlin Is hiding the kidnapper.

she goes to the room & realizes that she can look from the back window & when she goes there, Sherlin is trying to open the wardrobe & it’s stuck, Prithvi is pleading with her to help him as he doesnot want to die, Prithvi afterwards wears his own own mask & she’s able to open.

the wardrobe, he comes out thanking the mask that angers Sherlin as she mentions that he came out because of her mind & strength & also that he should not worry about the property as they’re still here & going to work (5) (5) with patience.

she also imparts him a knife for his own own protection, they’re still talking when Rishab comes back with the police demanding that she open the door.

as it’s the only room that they have not checked, both of them gain worried about what they will accomplish, Preeta is standing outdoor & thinks.

that the only various way out is utilizing the window & she will hit the kidnapper in complaint he comes out, she takes a vase & is equipped to catch the kidnapper.

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