KKR vs SRH Live Score, IPL 2024: Pat Cummins removes Jonny Bairstow early

3.Six overs: Bowled him! Top of off! Pat Cummins delivers for KKR. Castles Jonny Bairstow with a perfect length ball.

2.Six overs: FOUR! & David Warner

finishes the Sunil Narine over with a 4 towards the long-on area. The fielder has been inside the circle & that made things pretty simple for Warner.

SRH 22/0

2.Three overs: SIX!

& here comes the 1st boundary of the match. A cracking strike from David Warner off Sunil Narine & the ball sails over the deep fence. That had come right of the middle of Warner’s bat.

SRH 16/0

End of second over: An excellent begin from Pat Cummins. Just Two runs from his own 1st over. The Australian is looking in great rhythm today. Sunil Narine to continue from that different end.

SRH 8/0

End of first over: A tidy 1st over from Sunil Narine. 6 runs from it as both David Warner & Jonny Bairstow are off the mark. Pat Cummins to distribute the new ball with Narine from that different end.

SRH 6/0

0.one overs: David Warner gets off the mark straightaway with a couple. Hits it down the field & completes 2 runs before Pat Cummins cuts it off in long-on.

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