Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th February 2024 Episode: Rohit Confronts Nishi

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 6th February 2024 Episode Written Update: Rohit Confronts Nishi.

The daily episode begins with Rohit and with the movie playing. Nishi gets stunned. He states of the evidences are browse by me and watched it. A while ago, Rohit holds his hands and comes to Naren.

He says I need to speak with you please speak to me the facts can be told by you. Veena comes. She inquires the newspapers to be simply made by Deepa.

She says I’ll sit Naren. Sonakshi is seen by nishi and smiles. Sonakshi inquires what will I do inspector can not express anything, proofs are overlooking, Nishi has the sympathy of everyone. Nishi taunts and comes to her.

She says I understood Rohit and YK will save, I’m not a player that is weak. Sonakshi states this is not referred to as guts, I’ve reality I’ll bring out your face. Nishi says that you won’t shed, fine, I accept your challenge, you will be blamed by Rohit and allow you to out at 24 hours, not one will come to assist you. She belongs. Sonakshi says I will be helped by a person.

Rohit is come to by ajit. Rohit asks what exactly are you really doing here. Ajir says I need to tell something the truth can be decided by you. Why did you pick Rohit, see exactly what Rohit did Mahesh stabs at the pic of Sonakshi and inquires, we’d have gone into our own village, you did a mistake, I’ve come back I won’t ever allow you to keep pleased with Rohit.

Ajit is slapped by Rohit. He says you informed Pooja’s fact, idiot and Suman about dad, her FD to rescue broke, 1 crore gaming, she’s lying to me personally, you’re currently saying sorry.

Ajit claims sorry, Sonakshi did this to save, what can I do, if she’s stating Nishi is the offender, she can not do anything wrong, I was fearful its authentic, rescue Sonakshi, please. He is pushed by Rohit. Nishi calls inquires and Mahesh ‘ are you sure, that you have the evidence, check. Mahesh says I obtained proof.

She states burn it and assess. He states there’s a Pendrive. She states it assess it will have the movie and find out exactly what did the woman album. He states Pendrive is vacant. She asks him to test newspapers. He states its sterile.

She states it means where’s the evidence builder is smart. He says I have a post slide, its delivered to the hospital of Rohit. Nishi states it means it has been shipped by the builder to Rohit.

He says that I shall send the pic to you. The pic is sent by him. She calls to understand more about the courier. She asks what, your guy has gone for shipping. She states Rohit can’t be reached by that this package, I can not permit this to happen.

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