Beyhadh 2, 23rd March 2024 Episode 84: Maya & Rudra Sees Each Other

Beyhadh 2, 23rd March 2024 Episode 84 Written Update: Maya & Rudra Sees Each Other carefully.

The daily episode starts with Maya asks vikram to take her outside, Vikram takes her to club. Rudra also comes to same club to search Maya.

When Rudra looks at Maya’s place she goes down to pick up a newspaper, in which Rudra’s father picture was shown.

Vikram covers Rudra’s face with a cloth and beats him, Rudra goes unconscious.

Maya says thanks to Vikram for taking her out and helping her by full filling her every wish and supporting her. Vikram says “it’s okay!”.

Maya asks Vikram, how we met, when is your birthday and anniversary, etc. Vikram became furious suddenly and shouts at Maya, and says “I will tell whenever my birthday”, Maya says sorry!

Vikram controls his anger says really sorry! and tells the anniversary date and gives her album and says, “you please watch this album, I have important work, I am going”.

Maya sees few pictures from the album and cries saying “I don’t remember anything”.

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