Karthika Deepam 2nd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Today’s Written Episode: Karthika Deepam 2nd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Hima requests why she mentioned children when she have only 1 daughter. Deepa states she have the other daughter with Sourya. Karthik requests what. Deepa states Hima is like my own daughter that’s why I wrote it in that way.

Hima happily hugs her. Karthik requests Soundarya to read the other chit. Everybody gets tensed thinking what she might wrote. Soundarya reads Sourya letter informing Hima should really know the fact & we live happily like a entire family.

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Mounitha imagines Rowdy is creating her work easy. Karthik requests what’s the fact. Sourya sats Hima is requesting you for her Parents so I need her to really know that fact.

Next Soundarya reads Hima letter informing she desires to have a parents like Karthik & Deepa in next birth. Karthik gets emotional & requests Hima to come near him. Hima goes to him, Karthik kisses her forehead.

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Than Hima leaves outdoor with Sourya. Deepa imagines don’t really know when time going to come to disclose we’re your parents.

Soundarya takes Mounitha chit. Mounitha states us it required to read it outdoor. Deepa states it’s required & requests Soundarya to read it out. Soundarya reads that Karthik should gain united with Deepa. Karthik requests why she wrote it in that way even after knowing Everything.

Mounitha states you don’t really know some of the facts, I’m the 1 who attempted to murder Deepa even after separating her from you utilizing Vihari.

Deepa & Soundarya gets stunned. Karthik states block it, what are you informing. Mounitha states in future your Mom & Deepa going to accuse me in this way & you may believe it that’s why I’m agreeing it because these citizens don’t like my friendship with you & you too forget everything & gets United with your spouse.

Karthik states block it, I won’t believe anything over you because I really know regarding you & he leaves from the place.

Mounitha happily smiles. Soundarya states why I feel you did all these crimes? Gratitude till as of now I saw you in 1 angle however as of now onwards I’ll enquire your different angle & bring out your secrets.

Deepa imagines Mother-in-law going to murder Mounitha in case I tell everything Mounitha disclosed is right however I don’t need to create problem in this time.

Mounitha smiles & states I really know that you scheduled something over us however in last victory belongs to me & could you tell why you invited me. Deepa smiles & states it’s our reverse schedule & you gain tensed seeing our respect. Deepa & Soundarya mocks her in basti language & leaves. Mounitha won’t know that language.

Mounitha sees Anji is coming inside & she hides behind sofa when Anji prays to goddess & leaves after placing the car keys in table. Mounitha hurriedly goes to her car however it won’t gain initiated.

Mounitha imagines Karthik going to believe of Anji discloses the fact so I should leave from here. Anji comes towards her car & watches his own mobile awhile standing near Mounitha car. Mounitha gets tensed & bashes him in her heart. Anji leaves after getting call than Mounitha repairs her car & leaves from the place.

In night Deepa states Doctor babu is not in house & {hospital} & he might be went to Mounitha house. Soundarya states rascal, we left Mounitha without teaching proper lesson to her. Deepa states today also Mounitha dissaperared suddenly. Soundarya states yes & I feel their own is some of the mystery & we should really know it.

Deepa states Mounitha is getting scared seeing something, could it be Anji? Soundarya states it could’t be because Anji is new 1. Deepa states maybe however we’ve to identified reason behind Mounitha behavior.

Live Telecast Days: Monday To Saturday

Ongoing Updates: 2nd November 2024 / (2-11-2020)

First episode date: 16 October 2017
Network: Star Maa
Number of episodes: 812 (as of 22 August 2024)
Directed by: Kapuganti Rajendra
Language: Telugu

Episode Timings On TV:
All times are in IST (India Standard Time).
Star Maa: 7:30 pm(IST)

Karthika Deepam Cast:

  • Premi Viswanath as Deepa
  • Nirupam Paritala as Dr.Karthik
  • Sangeetha Kamath as Sravya
  • Shoba Shetty as Dr. Monitha
  • Archana Ananth as Soundarya

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