Kansas restaurant worker claims he was fired for having HIV

There is A Kansas man currently suing the restaurant that he was able to work at, claiming he had been fired because he has HIV, according to a suit.

Armando Gutierrez learned he’d HIV in December 2018. After requesting his supervisor at a huge Biscuit restaurant at Overland Park to register a kind that could get him HIV medicine in a state health plan, Gutierrez asserts he had been moved and given a schedule that the restaurant knew he couldn’t work due to”family obligations.”

Gutierrez was fired when he advised the restaurant that the schedule that was new was oblivious.

“Almost immediately upon the understanding of Plaintiff’s clinical investigation, management shifted his program in this manner that he knew that he couldn’t continue to operate,” according to the suit.

The lawsuit, that will be currently looking back pay and damages alleges the fire of Gutierrez violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“The ADA prohibits discrimination by employers, places of public accommodation, and local and state government entities,” based on HIV.gov.

Before proceeding with his litigation, a complaint filed before this season.

Among Gutierrez’s attorneys, mark Duggan, told CNN,” Gutierrez is a year mad later he had been fired.

“He is clearly upset about his identification and the fact he lost his job due to it only exacerbated the issue,” Duggan said.

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