Amul’s Janata Curfew Doodle Goes Viral: Khaali haath nahin, thaali haath thanks kijiye

After Indian PM’s speech on Thursday, Amul released a doodle on Janata Curfew on Instagram.

Amul doodle

On Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the novel coronavirus, in his speech to the country, encouraged citizens to move on a Janata Curfew am to 9 pm March 22. In addition, he requested them to demonstrate appreciation for individuals running to fight with the virus.

Into Twitter, most celebrities had taken after the statement to demonstrate their support. And Amul has published a doodle on precisely the exact same.

On Saturday, Amul published a topical on societal media together with the caption,”#Amul Topical: National admiration of those working around the clock to maintain India safe!”

From the doodle, the Amul mascot could be seen slamming plates and standing at the balcony. The animation had outline of three actions that are key to resist Covid-19 like washing hands, sneezing while covering the mouth and avoiding contact.

The text to the cartoon read,”Khaali haath nahin, thaali haath thanks kijiye!” And”Janata’s favorite!”

This isn’t the first time that Amul has published a doodle about the novel coronavirus. They had posted a topical at distancing and home.

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