Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 13th March 2024 Episode: Pooja Fails Nishi’s Plan

The daily episode begins with Kunal stating Kuhu you can not get the opportunity to reveal your Kuhuness, we’ll discuss. They move. Abir what is happening is asked by Nanu. Abir says a play is there.

Nanu says I will not arrive on your words, did you struggle with Mishti. Abir gets hushed. Nanu says we’re currently planning the guest list. He can play and belongs with Abir. Abir states you do overacting.

Nanu inquires what happened between you and Mishti, your Nani and I used to battle on the topic, is Meenakshi a human or alien, I used to give her mindset and she was able to beat me, you go and fulfill Mishti, speak great things. He is thanked by abir. The slave is scolded by Kunal.

He states I heard he and Parul talked. Nidhi says he’d be thinking he’s currently speaking to some maid. Exactly what is asked by Kunal. She states I mean I’m saying his idea. Kunal says you believed Parul Maasi is a maid. Abir says I’ve given you leave, why did you ever come.

Servant states I came to apologize. Nanu asks him . Kunal says firing him. If anybody sees the circumstance, abir says, he’ll believe that Parul is a winner. Kunal feels awful.

Rajshri says sorry to call you. Mishti states I wished to satisfy with you. Varsha Requires Mishti. Mishti says anniversary occasion is being prepared for by everybody. They inquire who can do so with Abir.

Varha claims nobody can do it from that Mishti, household, do you doubt Kuhu, so that you did not take her side. Rajshri says would state that, if Kuhu was affirmed by her, it might signify that questions are being raised by her.

Varsha says you’re right. She belongs. Rajshri asks what is happening. Nothing is said by Mishti. Rajshri says daughter’s connection and mother does not change, you did not know you can not conceal anything from me, state the reality.

Mishti says I need to learn the fact but… Rajshri says that he wishes to keep peace in your home. Mishti says I do not know what to do. Rajshri says this thing was finished by him, Kunal and Meenakshi gave you their business, since they love you, not you want money, I hope also you and my upbringing.

Kuhu comes to Meenakshi. Meenakshi says I’m choosing saree help me. Kuhu chooses jewelry and saree. Meenakshi says why do I lie. Kuhu states and thanks her do not know who inserted the thandai.

Meenakshi says let it go, just like we forgot about whoever added pill in the coffee of Abir. Abir understands a message. Kunal says you understand I really like Maa, she lifted me. Parul gave birth to, think about it, although abir says.

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