Ishq Subhan Allah 24th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Kabir challenges Zara to come to sharia board

Scene 1
Kabir informs Zara that you really know what I inquired for in these 2 yrs.? You only. That’s why I trust my love that you’ll be free from this evil lady’s trap 1 day & going to come racing to your Kabir.

However I’m the head priest & could’t permit a centre to open to preach sins, that is over our religion. He tears nikah papers ahead of her & throws it within the air. All look on. Zara glares in him.

Kabir comes to the washroom & tries to curb his own feelings. He punches the mirror in anger. Imran runs to him & states she’s requesting for the cost for this wedding, she’s unfair.

Ruksaar comes there & sees Kabir’s condition. She brings the 1st aid box. Kabir states I’ll pass away without her. Ruksaar requests what’s unfair with him?

Zara takes off her jewelry & recalls Kabir’s words that she’s trapped in an evil lady’s trap. Zahida helps her take (2) off jewelry sadly. Zara wipes her tears & states I could’t watch you weak.

Zahida states I don’t need to watch you far from Kabir, it pains me so much to watch you take (2) off this bridal dress. Zara states I love Kabir & it won’t alter in case I’m far from him. Zahida states in case we love someone afterwards we’ve to accept their own thoughts too.

Kabir loves you a lot & I’m sure that he’ll accept you shortly with your thoughts. I trust you & Kabir.

Scene 2
Kabir informs Imran that I trust God to gain Zara back. Ruksaar & Zeenat hear it. Zeenat states he has been regarding to marry her. Ruksaar states Kabir is weak in pain, I’ll make him hate Zara. Kabir assured me that he’ll pretend to be my spouse till I give birth. I’ll utilize that.

Salma grabs Zahida & is throwing her out of the home. She states Zara’s marriage broke due to this evil lady. Irfan comes there & tries to block Salma. Salma states you’re blinded by this evil lady too. I’ll throw her out of here & go to Kabir, I’ll beg him & tell him that I’ve thrown this evil lady out of this home.

Ruksaar brings meal for Kabir. Kabir states I won’t eat meal made by you. Ruksaar states however you’ve earned for this meal. Ruksaar states however you’ve finished evil work (5) from your hands. Ruksaar states there is no servant within the home. Imran states I’ll make meal for Kabir. Ruksaar states Imran is Zara’s friend & Zara is doing evil work (5) too. Kabir requests her to shut up, he’s my friend & I’ll decide for myself.

Ruksaar states you could’t alter Zara’s evil call, he’s put a cost on your love & you’re hurting yourself? She’s made you weak, you could wound yourself however you could’t stand ahead of Zara.

Salma is throwing Zahida out of the home. Irfan shouts in her however she doesn’t block. Zara comes there & informs Salma that she’s given me a reason to live again. You’re my Amma & she’s my Ammi. Zahida informs Salma that I has been wound too to watch her take (2) off her bridal dress.

I’ll leave shortly. Salma states afterwards go. Irfan states sufficient, Zara’s music centre going to open in this home. Zara states no, this home is of a priest & I don’t need to put you in problem. Irfan states you’re my daughter & this is your home. You’ll open music centre here & I’ve messaged this to Kabir. Kabir comes there & states the music centre won’t open here. Salma requests him to come inside. Kabir states could’t. Irfan states we could sit a

nd talk. Kabir states no, you inquired me to leave this home so I won’t come until this evil music is gone from this home. Zara looks in his own hand & states just how did you gain wound?

Kabir states it’s nothing ahead of the pain you gave me. He imparts her a notice & states it’s my work to block things happening over our religion in this city. Our head priest is coming to sharia board where.

I’ll prove that opening a music centre is unfair & I block it in any cost.