Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Choti goes inside a pot

Scene 1
Guddan states why are you nervous? You stated you’ll repatriate my Choti in case I full my problems. Tell me where is Choti? Ganga states where did he go from that room?? You both could’t fool me. Tell me where did he go? Where is your spouse? AJ comes & states I’m here.

Ganga states where did you go? He states to gain the lights for Janmashtami to support Guddan decorate the home. She states couldn’t you inquire me? AJ states would you let me go? Ganga states stay in this home as of now & keep your spouse far from strangers. She leaves.

Guddan states I could’t await anymore. I need Choti with me. AJ states she’ll be with us shortly. That’s my assure. Guddan states why accomplish I’ve this weird feeling that Choti is near? Choti is behind the idols within the temple.

Ganga looks for Diljit. She states I wore matching sarees with his own turban. Avinash states I gave her that saree. I think her mood got (1) best. Avinash stops her. She states I need to service the guest you go from here. Guddan states what would he eat? Ganga states let me inquire what would he eat.

Guddan states he’s our guest. He won’t tell you, it’d gain awkward. You like him right? Ganga blushes. Guddan states wow you’re blushing. In case you like him, you must cook for him to impress him. Ganga states you’re right. Ganga requests Laxmi to make saag & numerous dishes for Diljit. Guddan states you have been to make it.

Ganga states I’ll tell him I made it & I’ll make him eat. Diljit comes there. He states sorry I’d an upset stomach. Ganga states I’m creating special meal for you. You’ll be all great. He states no I’ve to go. You persons could carry on with your pooja. She states please stay. AJ states okay as you wish. Ganga states Diljit going to eat with us & accomplish pooja with us.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to the temple. AJ states I could feel your pain Guddan. We’ve to spend this blessed day without our daughter. Guddan states in case she have been here, she’d have enjoyed the pooja so much. Guddan looks behind the idols. Durga comes & states come with me. Guddan goes with her. Ganga states Laxmi bring lassi for Diljit.

Ganga states they’re useless. AJ states you’ve a big home, it should be tough to retain it. She states yes. AJ states they all work (5) & you don’t? She states I’m the big MIL of this home so I accomplish big things only. He states like? Ganga states like hanging things on the top. He states okay hang this pot. She picks the big pot from that temple. She sees Choti in it.

Ganga is dazed. Avinash states let me support you. Ganga states I didn’t inquire for your support. She states you’re all tired. I’ll accomplish it. Don’t worry. Saru states no he’s fine. Let him accomplish it. You must chill. Avinash takes the big pot & tries to hang it. Ganga states my game is going to be ruined.

Guddan begins pooja preps & states reunite me with my daughter Lord Krishna. Durga states who’ll break the handi? AJ states someone who’s quite brave. Durga states that’s our Guddan. AJ states Guddan ji you’ll break the handi. Ganga states in case she breaks the handi, Choti going to fall down.

What must I accomplish. Guddan picks a long rod. Guddan states please give me my daughter. Guddan is regarding to break the handi (pot). Ganga states no await. Durga states why did you block her?