Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd November 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist…

Ishq Subhan Allah 23 November 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (23-11-2020) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd November 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Kabir Informs Ruksaaar To Block This Drama Of Being His own Spouse. Ruksaar States I Going to Block This Drama In case You Bring The Real Dad Of This Baby In Front Of Zara However Until Afterwards I Am Your Spouse & I Going to Call Zara Spouse No. 2 Only. She Imparts Him A Flying Kiss.

Zara Comes There & States Sorry Baaji You Didn’t Lock The Door. Ruksaar States Baaji? Zara States You Are Spouse No. 1 So I Going to Call You That. Zara Informs Kabir That I Didn’t Really know You Would Be Here Otherwise I Would Have Took Tea For You As Well.

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Kabir States Let’s Go From Her. Zara States I Going to Come In A Bit. Kabir States You Have To Listen To Me As My Spouse. Zara Nods & Leaves. Ruksaar Sees Sartaj Calling & Imagines To Solve This Problem.

Kabir Tries To Clarify To Zara However She States That You Are Just Fulfilling A Work & I Going to Fulfil My Duties.

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Ruksaar Calls Sartaj & States Kabir Is Maintaining An Eye On Me So I Am Calling You From The other Number. Sartaj States Don’t Call Me Again, You Have To Meet Me Today In Dargah With Amount, He Ends The Call. Ruksaar States This Person Is Stubborn.

Zara Calls Everybody In The Lounge. She Informs Ruksaar That God Allows Person To Remarry Only In case His own Spouse Agrees 1st. Irfan States Also Lawfully He Had To Tell Zara Regarding His own 1st Marriage Before Marrying Her. Ruksaar States The Status Has been Not Such Where He Can Tell Zara

. Irfan States However He Accepted To Nikah Previously Also. Zara States To Leave It, I Am His own 2nd Spouse As of now So I Going to Write His own Duties On Board For Both The Wives. She States As A Spouse He Has To Love Both His own Spouse, She Requests Kabir To Divide His own Love As of now.

Kabir States I Going to Accomplish What God Requests Of Me. Zara States Kabir Going to Spend Equal Time With Every Spouse. She States The Spouse Has To Distribute The Meal With His own Wives. Kabir States I Going to Accept Your Circumstances However I Want 3 Days. Zara States Why?

Kabir States There Is The other Work Of A Spouse That Is Not Wound His own 1 Spouse For The other. He States I Need To Take Both Wives Out On Shopping About 7PM. Ruksaar Recalls Just how She Assured To Meet Sartaj. The Flashback Shows Just how Kabir Had Heard Assuring Someone To Meet Them In Dargah About 7.

He Imagined To Locate Out. The Flashback Ends. Ruksaar States I Have Some of the Important Work Today So I Could’t Go Today, Zara Could Go With Him.

Zara Imagines Why She Is Informing No? Kabir States Fine Ruksaar. Zara Looks On. Kabir Informs Zara That It’s Her Call As of now. Salma States Zara Won’t Go Anywhere, We Don’t Need Any Extra Drama.

Ruksaar States Why Not? It’s Her Work To Fulfil His own Insists & She Won’t Refuse As I Am Her Elder. Zara States I Going to Go. Kabir Imagines Everything Going As Scheduled.

Zara Informs Salma That In case Ruksaar Has been Kabir’s Spouse Afterwards He Wouldn’t Agree To The Circumstances, I Am Sure That Ruksaar Is Not His own Spouse. Salma States Just how Could We Believe That?

Zara States I Doubted Them When Ruksaar Informed Us That His own Baby’s Dad Is Kabir However Kabir Didn’t Say It Out Loud.

I Agreed This Position Of Being A 2nd Spouse To Pressurize Kabir. I Am Wound That Kabir Injured His own Hand However He Seems Helpless. Irfan States What’s The Reason To Have Hope? Zara Shows Them The Divorce Papers Of Kabir & Ruksaar. Salma States Where Did You Locate It?

The Flashback Shows Zara Bringing Meal For Ruksaar However Doesn’t Locate Her In Her Room, She Identified The Divorce Papers. Salma States I Going to Slap This On Ruksaar’s Face. Zara States No, I Need To Locate Out Why Kabir Gave His own Name To Ruksaar’s Baby.

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