Kumkum Bhagya 20th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Aaliya Stops Abhi From Seeing Pragya As Prachi’s Mom

The Daily episode begins with Ranbir demonstrating the amount & states hence it’s proved that Prachi is innocent. Pallavi apologizes to Prachi. Prachi requests her not to apologize & states status has been such & anybody else would’ve reacted that day. Beeji apologizes to Prachi. Prachi hugs her & requests her not to apologize. Abhi requests Aaliya to apologize to Prachi as you stated so much to her.

Aaliya states my phone’s battery is low & goes to charge her phone. Abhi imagines she’ll not apologize. Vikram also apologizes to her. Prachi states she doesn’t need anything rather than their own trust. Ranbir requests her to smile & states shall I bring laughing gas for you. He states everybody trusts you, cheer up & smile. Prachi gets emotional & hugs Ranbir. Rhea gets stunned & angry.

Prachi gratitude Ranbir & states appreciate you so much. Ranbir is surprised. Abhi & everybody looks in them hugging. Abhi imagines Rhea got (1) upset as she loves Ranbir. Rhea goes from there. Aaliya goes behind her. Abhi imagines Rhea don’t want to be jealous as he loves her only. Aaliya requests why did she gain angry infront of all.

Rhea informs that she calm herself & requests why citizens don’t watch goodness in me, she informs that Dad & Ranbir’s love is with Prachi. She states Globe’s finest mom is with Prachi too. She states in case I’d her mom afterwards I don’t need anything else. Aaliya states Prachi’s mom should be like her. Rhea informs that she likes her touch & her talks.

Aaliya requests in case she’s extra great than your Buji. Rhea states yes & informs that the truth is that Prachi’s mom is too great, whenever Prachi is now in issue, she comes out due to her wishes. Rhea states Prachi’s mom is hers & not yours, she wishes for her daughter & not you. She requests her to target on Ranbir.

Abhi comes there & requests why Rhea is now in tears? Rhea states you’re the reason. Abhi states reason is something else, you’re jealous of Prachi. Rhea states everybody likes her. Abhi imagines Rhea could’t handle jealously. He informs that when Prachi has been blamed, she didn’t say anything over us.

He states just how could you gain jealous from a clean hearted lady. He states whatever is yours, is yours too. Aaliya imagines I shall go & tell Sanju to be underground as his own person is not captured. She states she’s leaving for workplace. Abhi states even I’ll come.

He requests Rhea to show her muscles. Rhea shows her hands. Abhi states phuski. He comes out & requests where is Ranbir? Vikram states he went to drop Beeji to her room. Vikram requests him to say. Aaliya states lets go. He requests him to listen to the music.

Abhi states I’ll hear on phone. Ranbir requests him to listen & imparts his own ear phones. Aaliya searches for her mobile & imagines in case Sanju calls on my number afterwards? She informs Abhi that her phone is not here. She locates Prachi’s phone there & informs that this lady is careless.

Pallavi states sorry & informs that she gave her phone to Prachi. Aaliya states no issue, I’ll handle it. She messages Sanju not to call on her number.

Ranbir brings keys & imparts to Abhi. Abhi states bye. Ranbir thins Prachi should be relaxed as of now. Prachi informs Pragya that thief is not captured, however she has been clarified from that blame. Sarita behen states its ok. Prachi informs that Mehra sir send her in car. She states she’s took umbrella.

Pragya states Inder dev got (1) happy hearing the thunder storm. Sarita behen requests her to make tea. Prachi states ok. Sarita behen takes off the bad sight from her & prays for her happiness. She states this smile is due to Ranbir. Aaliya & Abhi come in their own car.

Aaliya states she’ll gain her phone. Abhi states he’ll hear the music & come there. Pragya takes off the cloth from that rope & her face gets covered. Aaliya imagines both mom & daughter are foolish. She sees Pragya’s face when Prachi lifts the curtain from her mom’s face. Aaliya sees her face & gets stunned. Abhi is coming there.

Maya comes to Ranbir’s home & calls him. Ranbir gratitude her & informs that he doesn’t want the amount as of now. Maya informs that she’s provided the amount with much difficulty. Rhea hears them. Ranbir gratitude her & informs that he’ll meet her tomorrow.

He states in case anybody sees you here, afterwards literally I’ve no answer to tell them. Maya goes. Aryan comes & requests why did Maya come here? Ranbir states she had come to support me & informs that first time, she appears to be sweet. Rhea imagines in case he’ll say that he’ll marry Maya.

Abhi informs Aaliya that there have been wires on the field & sparking. He states in case Sarita behen, Prachi (or) mum gain electrocuted with the wires. He’ll bring wooden stick from inside. He’s regarding to go to Prachi’s home. Aaliya recalls Pragya’s words & gets tensed. She runs to block Abhi.

Prachi & Pragya are searching the stick. Pragya informs that the wire is outdoor & sparking. Aaliya stops Abhi & imagines in case you meet Pragya that she’ll repatriate & going to show right on family (4), property & business.

She states she doesn’t need them to really know that Rhea is their own daughter. Abhi requests what happened? Prachi gets the stick & informs Pragya that she’ll accompany her. Aaliya requests Abhi not to go inside & feigns chest pain. Abhi & Aaliya sit within the car. Abhi calls Prachi to notify her.

Aaliya sees Prachi & Pragya coming out to move the wire with the stick, & panics. She states I could’t breathe. Abhi gets down the car. Aaliya maintains hand on her eyes. Abhi states short circuit suspended. Aaliya imagines I don’t need Bhai to meet Pragya.

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