Ishq Mein Marjawan 10th September 2024 Episode Written Update: Kabir understands that Ragini’s diary is a trap

The daily episode begins with Vansh informing that everything required for a funeral is prepared looking in the stuff & looking sideways telling a human that he’ll be the 1st human to watch his own funeral ahead of his own eyes.

He throws the garland towards that human who’s Sunny. The latter states that amount could make anybody accomplish anything & he’s a nice planner, none could match him.

Vansh states that within the globe he lives, in case he can’t keep his own eyes open even in sleep, he won’t really know when & who could attack him & thankfully his own eyes have been open when Ridhima sent signals with torch to someone. He recalls seeing Ridhima sending signals with torch & he states that he understood that there is a partner behind Ridhima.

Flashback begins. Vansh imparts a bag with amount to Sunny informing that he’s to work (5) with him: he knows he loves Ishani just for amount & in case he informs the same to her, she won’t believe him & stay with him (Sunny) forever, so he wants him to gain this amount & leave from her personal life forever.

Sunny requests what the 2nd work (5) is. Vansh states that he’ll have to becomes friend with his own spouse Ridhima & creating her believe that he has been sent by this human whom she sent signals to for support. He discloses to Sunny that Ridhima wants to really know Ragini’s fact so he must make her believe that he’s there to make her approach Ragini’s fact. & gthen Sunny did that. Flashback ends.

Vansh states that it has been important to make Ridhima fear her demise so she’d to be shown like her demise’s post was already written. Sunny recalls telling just how Vansh showered love on Ragini before killing her. Vansh states that he imagined she’ll disclose her partner’s name by afterwards however she didn’t so he made the schedule of his own demise.

Angre comes & states that he checked Sunny’s pulse & announced him demise. He requests Vansh why he’d to bury the diary although. Vansh replies that it’s important to make the enemy believe that she’s winning the war to win it:

he wanted Ridhima to believe that she got (1) a big evidence over Vansh after that she’d try to contact her partner. He states that he knows Ridhima is not alone in this plotting so it’s required to catch both of them & ensure that none tries to plot like this again over Vansh Raisinghania.

Vansh states that Ridhima sent that diary to a postal address as gift & when her partner going to go to gain the diary to that postal address, everything going to be evident & checkmate going to happen. Sunny claps. Vansh states that enemies’ dumbness make them win:
Ridhima imagines she got (1) a solid evidence in her hands however she doesn’t really know that they’ll as of now approach the mastermind of the schedule using the diary as Ridhima is just a puppet & doesn’t really know that she’s burnt her partner’s body with her own hands.
Thereafter, the family (4) is all set to leave. Anupriya requests Vansh in case he’s sure to remain house alone. Vansh states that everything is scheduled.
Siya states that seems like he’s a romantic schedule in mind & requests him to click photos. Vansh states of course as it’s going to be the finest day of Ridhima’s personal life, the last 1. He corrects himself informing a quite great 1.

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