Choti Sardarni 11th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Vikram States To His own own Officer Locate Out In complaint There’s A Manav Is Banaras. The Officer States Accomplish You Have His own own Photo? Vikram States He Looks Exactly Like Me. Vikram Sees Sarab’s Picture & States I Didn’t Actually really know You Were An Arm Wresting Champion.

Harleen States We Used To Flex In The Total Neighborhood. No one Ever Won From Him. Vikram States Looks Like There Were No Strong Citizens In Your Neighborhood. Meher States He’s State Level Champ. Vikram States He Never Met A Stronger Human Like Me.

Harleen States You Would Lose. Vikram States Let’s Accomplish It Afterwards. Sarab States We Sat. To Talk. Vikram States Are You Scared To Lose? Sarab States Why Would I Be? Harleen States Come On Sarab.

Vikram & Sarab Sit In Front Of Each Various. Harleen States I Am The Referee. Sarab & Vikram Both Exert Most Power. Karan Cries. Meher States Don’t Lose Before I Come. I Am Coming.

She Goes Upstairs. Vikram Takes Sarab’s Hand Low. Sarab Tries To Push It Back. Halreen States Mr. Dewan Is Stronger Atm.

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