Ultimate Dangers in the eSports Betting Industry

The past several years have been difficult for many industries. Betting on eSports makes an exception here. More and more bettors have started placing bets on online platforms like https://askbettors.com/.

It’s fast, easy, and convenient. Bettors don’t even have to leave the comfort of their homes. Most eSports events can be followed in an online format.

Growing Popularity: Is It a Long-Term Trend?

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Over the last decade, eSports betting has increased its volumes by 130%. And this trend keeps growing. This industry has already conquered all continents. The major popularity has been reached in Europe and Asia. However, North America is also getting a better grasp of eSports betting.

Today, global eSports betting is a $66 billion industry. By 2027, it is expected to reach the revenue of $200 billion or above. The number of bettors is growing. But the bet value is also going up.

Today, an average bettor wager at least $50 every month.

The pandemic encouraged people who had never considered betting on eSports events to try their luck in this industry. It has stopped being a pure matter of fun. It is also a great source of income, no matter how wrong it sounds.

The users aged between 25 and 35 have encouraged sportsbooks to prepare for more competitive events and extensive coverage. For example, professional reports state that many more eSports events have already been added to sportsbooks. Bettors can check the available options before choosing the major center of attention.

Some eSports betting enthusiasts focus on popular games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and LoL. Others are more interested in FIFA and NBA 2K events. The variety of options is impressive, and it keeps spreading its boundaries. The popularity of some eSports events has matched the levels of some real-life sports events.

Dangers of the eSports Betting Industry

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The growth in the eSports betting popularity is not a totally positive trend. It has a lot of dangers behind it. Let’s check at least some of them:

Industry Integrity

One of the biggest issues the eSports betting industry faces is integrity. Many betting providers or bookies are operating illegally. They simply have no license issued by the authoritative gambling regulator. Such resources can’t promise a safe betting environment to average bettors. The most common problem is related to payouts, which might be delayed or even declined.

Some experts state that the industry requires more massive investments in certain mechanisms. The anti-fraud technology is one of such mechanisms as it ensures the industry growth. Of course, there are many more needs to cover for absolute convenience.

Poor Understanding

Another key challenge that many sports bettors face in eSports betting is a poor understanding of the games played. For example, younger people and video games fans are familiar with games and their rules. This automatically makes it easier for them to make accurate predictions.

Those who have no or poor experience with eSports betting will face certain challenges. To succeed in their betting activities, they will have to educate themselves on CS:GO, Dota 2, and other video games they want to bet on. Relying on luck is a bad idea that involves even greater risks.

Esport is becoming big business

With the increase of the craze of online gambling, there are many people who are now concerned about the expansion and growth of esports. Esports betting is getting to another level for esport fans. When you first get to know about it, your first concern would be should you invest your money in sports betting or not? The answer is pretty simple: if you have a clear vision of handling risk, you have to prepare for every chance that will come your way.

Never go with blind betting; always have thorough information about the betting you are going for. For instance, if you want to spend your money on esports online betting, first check out the basics of what they ask you and the strategies you can follow so that you won’t feel clueless.

Esports betting is relatively easy, and many new gamblers are interested in it because it is highly straightforward. As of now, there are certain limitations of esports betting, but overall it is a good betting way, and as the present shows, it has a promising future.

Online esports betting is a new way, definitely making a lot of people familiar with the esports betting world; even though the last few years were the reason why esports online betting was the downfall, but now it is getting back on track.

Some advantages of esports online betting:

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If you are thinking of betting your money on something, it is essential for you to know what pros it contains and why you should consider betting on them. Further, we will look at them.

Good odds:

If you are choosing a good and reliable site, then the chances of you having a successful bet increase. It helps you out a lot in your journey as it guides you through the process of betting to win a good amount of money. The odds are comparatively better than the other betting ways.

Big prize money:

There is good prize money attached to esports betting, different streaming opportunities, advertising and sponsorships, and good revenues. This has helped a lot of esports online gambling sites to provide good prize money to their respective winners.

It is safe:

Some people usually have the misconception that online betting sites scam you a lot, but that is not true. There are modern-day licensed sites that protect the interest and money of the customers.

Even though it is a danger which is involved in esports online betting, it is still not a usual thing. If you choose reliable sites, you will never face this issue.

Summing Up

The growth of the eSports industry has revealed the industry’s good and bad features. The industry bodies such as ESIC aim to enhance the space professionalism by focusing on the things like match fixing and doping. If problems like these can be resolved, the sector’s future is going to be bright and clear.