Hyd’s doctor donates plasma to save the life of Vijayawada man

Hyderabad(Hyd): A Hyderabadi doctor set an example of humanity beyond religion when he traveled to Vijayawada to donate his own plasma for a human suffering from COVID-19. Dr. Hanif Mohiuddin donated his own plasma to KVN Prasad, a retired bank manager whose condition has been crucial before. He’s presently undergoing medication in Vijayawada’s Kamineni Hospital (3).

Prasad’s family (4) has been in search of B negative blood across states, who recovered from COVID-19 for multiple days however in vain. It has been Dr. Kiran, a pulmonologist functioning in KaminenI Hospital (3), who referred them to Dr. Hanif Mohiuddin who can support them. Coincidentally, Dr. Hanif’s blood crowd has been also B negative.

When Prasad’s brother-in-law, DSP (Intelligence) Krishna Prasad reached Dr. Hanif, he readily gave him the samples. In a regional lab, his own sample has been tested & matched with that of the patient & the immunoglobulin (IGG, IGM) levels have been enough to donate plasma.

“I immediately initiated to Vijayawada with my brother who’s a Cancer specialist. I donated my plasma to the patient & initiated my return to Hyderabad(Hyd),” Dr. Hanif stated awhile speaking to siasat.com. He also hoped for Prasad’s quick recovery.

DSP Prasad is beyond thankful to Dr. Hanif on his own kind gesture towards his own ailing brother-in-law. Talking to siasat.com, he stated, “I offered to take (2) Dr. Hanif to Vijayawada in my own car. Although, he denied my offer & stated that he already approached the city-outskirts by afterwards. I has been surprised. In COVID times, we saw citizens dumping their own family (4) members however Dr. Hanif, who has been neither a part of our family (4) nor religion, helped us. It seemed like God is hearing us. It’s due to citizens like him, humanity is still alive in horrible times like these.”

Prasad, awhile recollecting four-days struggle to locate a plasma donor, stated, “There is no awareness about plasma donation. Citizens are afraid to donate blood, fearing they’ll fall sick. Even some of the hospitals are fueling this fear. Education about this is quite important.”

Dr. Hanif stated, “I keep donating blood whenever possible. I’ll accomplish it again, in case required. I don’t have a 2nd imagined about this. Young citizens should come forward for this cause.” Dr. Hanif presently works as an anesthesiologist & a crucial care consultant in Bless Hospital (3). He formerly performed within the intensive care units of Care Hospital (3) & Sunshine Hospital (3).

Sms for People

Dr. Hanif, who also works within the crucial care states, “Cloth face masks aren’t a great option because the droplets when you cough could easily pass using it. I urge the common people to utilize the surgical (blue) face masks only. Remaining who’re in normal contact with COVID-19 sufferers should utilize N-95 face masks. They’ve extra filters & give you best protection from getting contracted.”

“Don’t gain panicked when a family (4) member contracts infection. There is a quite low mortality rate & simple medication is the cure. Taking extra pressure is, in reality, dangerous to 1’s health. Remain peaceful.” Dr. Hanif concludes.