16 port employees arrested over Beirut explosions

Beirut: Sixteen employees in the Port of Beirut were detained over the 2 deadly explosions within the Lebanese capital that said the lives of over 135 citizens & left large number of remaining wounded, a top officer declared.

On Thu. in the evening, Govt Commissioner to the Military Tribunal Judge Fadi Akiki stated that over 18 citizens were questioned till now, involving port & customs authorities along with citizens in-charge of maintenance in the hangar where explosive materials were stored for yrs., Xinhua press agency recorded.

Meantime, Beirut’s 1st Investigative Judge Ghassan Oueidat released a call prohibiting the travel of 7 port authorities.

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2 massive explosions rocked the Port of Beirut on Tue. in the evening, killing at the least 137 citizens & wounding nearly 5,000 remaining awhile causing massive damages in this city.

Beirut blast
Courtesy “twitter/Reuters”

Primary info has disclosed that ammonium nitrate stored from 2014 within the port’s warehouse No. 12 may have caused the explosions.

Also on Thu., it has been declared that Lebanon’s Port of Tripoli has been prepared to temporarily replace the Port of Beirut.

Ahmed Tamer, director of the Tripoli port, informed Xinhua that it’s finished all its preparations to receive the aid ships sent to Lebanon & the vessels that transport products & goods.

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Meantime, Lebanon continued to receive foreign donations & help following the disaster.

Italy & Russia sent 2 airplane with medical equipment awhile Jordan sent a medical tandem with a ground hospital (3).

A medical tandem also arrived previously within the day from Tunisia with meal products.

A Polish Airlines airplane arrived carrying rescue groups to support the Lebanese Red Cross & Civil Defence groups in deleting sufferers using the rubble.

The tandem took trained dogs to support in rescuing missing citizens in Port of Beirut & in different regions.

Meantime, Turkey sent an airplane carrying medicines, medical equipment & sophisticated machines that could be utilized in rescuing missing citizens using the rubble.

The Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon handed over humanitarian support involving medical equipment & meal awhile it’d sent a day previously 35 tonnes of medicines & meal products.

Germany has also sent a no. of doctors & a tandem specialized in contributing Lebanese Civil Defence groups in their own rescue measures.

Besides, Egypt sent medical equipment awhile Iran sent a ground hospital (3) apart from required medical materials.

The Lebanese troops declared in an announcement declared previously within the day that donations going to be distributed amongst hospitals in cooperation with the health ministry.