Hyderabad man believes he has COVID, commits suicide

Hyderabad(Hyd): A 34-year old person, citizen of Old City, reportedly stopped his own personal life by drowning in a lake with the fear of contracting to COVID-19-19.

The body appeared to the shore on Sun.. He’s well-known to be sick for sometime as of now & has been refused medication in a private hospital (3), as he’d signs of the infection.

The person, detected as Pulthan, performed as a goldsmith in Doodbowli region. He taken medication from a regional clinic, that referred him to check a corporate hospital (3) for furthermore medication.

The hospital (3) denied to offer him medication & instead advised him to check Gandhi, the state-owned COVID hospital (3). He, although, didn’t gain himself checked in Gandhi.

As per the Ramgopalpet inspector T Chanchala Babu, Pulthan has been accompanied by a friend to the lake on Fri.. He excused himself with a difficulty in breathing & the want for new air from that lake.

It has been soon after that he drowned himself. His own body wasn’t identified till it appeared on Sun..

His own body has been sent to the burial field where COVID-19-19 sufferers are cremated.