Amid lockdown fears, vegetable prices skyrocket in Hyderabad

Hyderabad(Hyd): There was a hike in costs of vegetables amidst Coronavirus crises. Famous vegetables like Tomato, Potato & Carrot have becomes unaffordable for the citizens below the poverty line. They locate it tough to feed their own kids 2 times a day.

The maximum rise has been seen in retail cost of Tomato that has been rised 3 times compared to the costs past month. Awhile it has been sold in INR 18 per kg last mos, as of now it’s being sold in INR 60 per kg. Even the costs of potato & carrot have risen by INR eight to INR 15 per Kg. Potato & cucumber are being sold in the rate of INR 40 & INR 50 per kg respectively awhile they have been sold in INR 30 & INR 32 per kg past month.

The hike in costs is connected with the lock-down because of COVID-19. Delivery of vegetables in Bowenpally market has slowed down in the last 2 weeks because of lock-down. As Telangana (TL) state receives vegetables from different places, slowing down of delivery of vegetables has resulted in an rise in costs.

Some of the link (connection) the soaring costs of vegetables to fear of re-imposition of lock-down. The survey of different vegetable markets in this city has disclosed that citizens are worried because of hike in vegetable costs. They’re obliged to check markets for buying vegetables & meal grains in anticipation of the re-imposition of lock-down.

Sabzi Mandi, Madannapet Mandi & Meer Aalam Mandi have reported low footfalls because of raise in vegetable costs.