A ‘car theft’ call led to busting of vehicle loan racket

New Delhi: A desperate trying to outwit the Delhi(DL) Police landed a person & his own close aide in jail after the mastermind made a call to the police has been informing his own lavish car were stolen in gunpoint by robbers.

Although, when the police tandem from KN Katju Marg approached the location & studied the minute information of the theory put forward by this caller, they identified multiple loopholes in it.

“During this inquiry, the complainer couldn’t clarify where he’d provided amount to buy a costly lavish car.

This rised suspicion over his own version, & the police initiated interrogating the background & fiscal status of the complainer.

“Sources affirmed that no such incident occurred & the complainer is, in reality, a member of a racket engaged in deceiving different fiscal institutions & banks,” stated A.P.K. Mishra, DCP Rohini.

It has been disclosed that the real name of the complainer is Sumit Jaiswal & he’d bought the stated car utilizing a forged ID.

The complainer informed that he’d fabricated the forged ID & documents with the support of his own well-known people namely Raj Gupta & the other person, who also helped him obtain a loan for his own above-said car from that bank. Jaiswal stated that he’d hatched an offender conspiracy & cooked up a false post with Raj Gupta.

After the police detained Jaiswal, his own associate Raj Gupta has been also captured.

The police have also recovered 1 printing machine habituated to create fraud IDs, numerous plastic cards to make forged Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID & credit card within the name of ‘Ankur Gupta’ from that ownership of the charged, that indicates that he has been proactively engaged in such kinda deceiving instances.

Certified documents of account(a/c) have also being collected from that bank, & the record has been identified within the name of a fictitious person.

Therefore the charged had created a forged ID & opened an account(a/c) in that name to obtain a vehicle loan on forged documents.