Family of 4 found dead in UP

Barabanki: 4 members of a family (4) have been identified passed inside their own rented home in Awas Vikas region of WP’s Barabanki on Tue..

Awhile the bodies of Lalit & his own spouse Preeti have been identified hanging from that ceiling within the residing room, their own 2 kids, a boy, 12, & a lady, 8, have been identified in their own bedroom, police officer said.

The incident had come to light in about 10 a.m. when the milkman knocked on the door & didn’t gain any reaction.

He reported the boss of the home Yogendra Singh regarding the same.

Supervisor of Police, Arvind Chaturvedi stated that the 2 afterwards again banged on the door however got (1) no reaction. Thereafter, they sought support from neighbors & broke open the door.

Lalit owned a business of manufacturing of electric bulbs with a partner.

A slip has been recovered that the policemen said to be a suicide note that references some of the property dispute in the family (4).

Police has reported Lalit’s family (4) that lives in Mau dist. & the bodies were sent for the post mortem.