Hospitals in Hyderabad lack proper fire safety measures

Hyderabad(Hyd): A survey identified that hospitals in Hyderabad(Hyd) lack proper fire safety steps. Officials of the hospitals are ignoring the Domestic Apartment Code, GoMs 168.

Hyderabad(Hyd) hospitals working in residential apartments

There have been about 950 hospitals located within the GHMC region. Some are working in residential apartments.

The survey has been held after the fire crash that had taken place in a kids’s hospital (3) in this city. Within the crash, a three-month-old baby had passed away & 4 different babies within the neonatal intensive care unit had suffered wounds.

Ahmedabad incident

After the fire incident in Ahmedabad’s Shrey Hospital (3) that said the lives of 8 COVID sufferers, Telangana (TL) Govt reviewed the fire safety steps in private & govt hospitals located in Greater Hyderabad(Hyd). It’s identified that the arrangements to make sure the safety of sufferers in the case of a fire crash are missing in these hospitals.

Ahmedabad: Bodies are moved for postmortem in an ambulance after a main fire erupted in Shrey Hospital (3) in Ahmedabad, Thu., August. 6, 2024. At the least 8 citizens have passed away in the private hospital (3) for COVID-19 sufferers early Thu.. (PTI Photo) (PTI06-08-2020_000020B)
Ahmedabad: Forensic experts interact with police personnel awhile inspecting Shrey hospital (3) after a main fire erupted in it within the wee hours, in Ahmedabad, Thu., August 6, 2024. At the least 8 sufferers passed away within the incident. (PTI Photo)(PTI06-08-2020_000030B)

Corporate hospitals in Hyderabad(Hyd)

It’s also identified that even corporate hospitals aren’t following fire safety rules correctly. Ramps are also missing in some hospitals in Hyderabad(Hyd).

According to safety rules, there should be an {arrangement} of urgency lighting on stairs. And also made it mandatory for hospitals to make sure the availability of 4.5-meter space across the hospital (3) for the movement of fire engines in the case of a fire crash.