Delhi Riots: Muslims thank Siasat Daily for revival of their small businesses

Delhi(DL): Small scale businessmen & shop proprietors in North-east Delhi(DL) have demonstrated their own appreciation towards Editor The LD Daily, Mr Zahid Ali Khan & Faiz e Aam Trust Secretary Mr Iftekhar Husain for the revival of their own small companies.

A helping of INR 31,54,000 has been made by Millat fund of The LD Urdu Daily & a sum of INR 16,97,000 has been contributed using Faiz e Aam Trust. Muslims who lost their own livelihood thanked the 2 relief foundations.

Meantime, Mr Iftekhar stated that the funds have been possible with God’s support along with by those who donated the humble amounts for the cause.

Relief work (5) in a glint

Relief work (5) helped small proprietors to revive their own business
A battery rikshaw & shoes business

Riots erupted in Feb in North-east Delhi(DL) had left Muslim owned small companies in rubble. Many houses and shops were burned, leaving hundreds with no source of income. On Feb 24, violence has been made in Bhajanpura, Shiv Vihar, Gokulpuri, Brijpuri, Brahmpuri, & surrounding regions of the capital city.

‘A pre-planned destruction’

A fact-finding record by a crowd of intellectuals in Mar had said that the north-east Delhi(DL) violence has been a “scheduled conspiracy” & it’d insisted an NIA investigation.

The record also suggested rehabilitation for everyone sufferers & pushed the central govt to initiate confidence-building steps.

The report ‘Delhi Riots 2024 — Record from Field Zero’ by Crowd of Intellectuals & Academicians (GIA) stated that there has been proof of an Urban Naxal-Jihadi network that scheduled & implemented the riots.

“The Delhi(DL) Riots, 2024 have been pre-planned. There have been pieces of proof of a ‘Left-Jihadi model of revolution’ that was implemented in Delhi(DL) & is sought to be replicated in different places… the Delhi(DL) riots aren’t genocide (or) a pogrom targetted in any society. They’re a tragic outcome of a scheduled & systematic radicalization of minorities by far left-Urban Naxal network functioning in universities in Delhi(DL),” the record stated.