Yes Bank Crisis: Customers scramble for Cash at Branches, No Cash in ATMs

New Delhi: Yes Bank’s net banking service crashed, Customers are facing issues due to cash shortage.

Amidst, customers at a central Delhi branch said they are able to withdraw 50,000 through cheques.

Panicked Yes Bank clients were seen queuing up in the bank’s ATMs at different places, but to no avail, because many cash-dispensing machines ran tender, following the Reserve Bank put the crisis-hit creditor under a moratorium.

However, a client said they could draw the amount of Rs.50,000.

Clients are facing difficulty because internet banking services aren’t currently functioning and some complained that their charge cards are not currently functioning.

Since the Reserve Bank has superseded the plank of the private business lender onto a precarious financial condition, and it has made a former SBI executive since its secretary, clients cannot draw more than Rs.50,000 under the moratorium period till April 3, 2024.

Customers in a bank branch in Delhi said whilst withdrawing the amount of Rs. 50,000 via 23, they faced no difficulty.

“Internet banking isn’t functioning, even the charge card has stopped functioning; nonetheless, I withdrew my number via cheque,” said Lalit Kumar, a Yes Bank client of its Gole Market division here.

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