Hassan Nasrallah denies Hezbollah role in Beirut blast

Beirut: Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah states the explosion in the Beirut port discloses nepotism & corruption that could’t be neglected in Lebanon & that those accountable must be took to justice.

Nasrallah refused in a speech on Fri. that his own crowd has been accountable for Tue.’s blast (or) exercised any power in the port. He has been in response to says that his own crowd might have stored explosives in the port.

Beirut blast
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Missile attack

Still, Nasrallah didn’t rule out a missile attack (or) an act of sabotage. He stated that storing explosive materials like ammonium nitrate in the port for so long means it’s partially an problem of carelessness, corruption, nepotism that shouldn’t be neglected.

Nasrallah added further that in case there is extra confidence in an inquiry carried out by Lebanon’s military, afterwards so be it. He stated nothing regarding an Intl. inquiry, that was recommended & supported by this French & different Lebanese politicians.

Nasrallah blames national opponents

Nasrallah also stated his own crowd’s national opponents are utilizing the blast to blame Hezbollah & to turn people opinion over it.