Port worker found alive at sea 30 hours after Beirut explosion

Beirut: A Port of Beirut worker was identified alive in sea nearly 30 hours after the Beirut blast. Amin al-Zahed had gone missing after the explosion within the Lebanese capital.

Al-Zahed has been identified severely wounded, with the clothes ripped off because of the horrific blast. Identified bloodied within the Mediterranean Sea, the rescue tandem pulled him on the boat & moved al-Zahed to the Rafic Hariri University Hospital (3) in Beirut.

Amin al-Zahed’s photo has been posted on an Instagram page created to locate missing citizens. Although, as per social media(SM) posts his own family (4) has been unable to approach him.

At the least 137 citizens have been died & 5,000 remaining wounded within the explosion that took place on Thu.. Stock of 2,750 tons of Ammonium Nitrate, stored in the port’s warehouse from the last 6 yrs. after it were confiscated from an errant Russian ship, detonated causing the killer explosion.