Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 25th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Saru Hides Choti

Scene 1
Ganga stops Guddan from breaking the pot. She states AJ isn’t here. Guddan states he’s taking a shower. He’ll join us. Ganga states just how could we accomplish it without him? Diljit states I’ve to go. There’s pooja in my place too. Saru states block him sasu ma.

Saru states you saved Ganga, you’ve to stay. Let’s begin & break the pot. Guddan is regarding to break the pot. Guddan breaks the pot however only ashes fall from it. Ganga states has been I dreaming? Saru looks in her & states I’m an older player as compared to you. Saru taken Choti from that pot.

Guddan comes to the temple. She recalls accepting Ganga’s challenge. Ganga states let’s begin arti. I really know you’re upset. Ganga states where is AJ? Is he still bathing? Durga states you could accomplish it with Avinash. He’s still your spouse & you could accomplish the pooja with him.

AJ silently comes & stands there. Guddan states why accomplish I keep feeling choti is about me. Please repatriate her to me.

Ganga & Avinash accomplish the arti. Choti is with Saru. Guddan Choti’s ft on the floor. She’s stunned. Guddan is now in tears. Guddan hears Choti crying. Guddan states Choti? Are you near? Guddan states I heard her. Choti is behind the palna (swing). Guddan states God please. Please repatriate my Choti to me.

AJ comes. He states what happened? Guddan cries. AJ states these ft.. Is Choti near? Guddan states I’m sure Ganga has her. Ganga brings lassi for Diljit & states I made saag & lassi for him. Guddan comes & states where is Choti? Ganga states I’m busy. Let me feed Diljit 1st. Guddan shoves & drags her. Guddan states where is Choti?

End this post. It won’t be great for anybody. Aj states tell us where she’s. Avinash states please end this game. Ganga states in heart just how accomplish I tell them I don’t really know where she’s.

Ganga states a mom always feels her child is near her. She isn’t here. Guddan states a mom’s instinct could’t be unfair. Choti is now in this home. Guddan sits in her ft & cries. Guddan states please tell me where is my choti. A curtain falls on her. Guddan looks in the temple & states Choti.. Everybody is stunned.

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