Choti Sardarni 25th August 2024 Episode Written Update: Vikram Isn’t SuriyaPartab’s Real Son

Scene 1
Param wakes up. Sarab is decorating the home with his own dad’s photo. Harleen states say great in the morning to your dadu as well. Param states what are you doing? Sarab states it’s his own anniversary. Sarab states what’s that? Sarab states he left us on this day.

So we remember & appreciate him. Param states appreciate you dadu. Sarab states we’ve to go to temple & pray however I wonder, who’ll be with dadu? Sarab states I’ll handle everything in house like y’day.

Meher calls Amrita. Amrita states mummy ji was acting weird. She left for Dehli last night with Rana & Bitu. Meher states why? She states I don’t really know. Meher states I need to tell you something.

Really.. You’re my friend so I could tell you only. Sarab requests Meher to come downstairs. Meher states I’ll call you thereafter.

Scene 2
Kulwant approaches outdoor the home. Bitu states Retired Brigadier Suriya Partab Dewan. He could’t be Manav. Rana states Manav has been orphan. Kulwant states when I died him he gave an IPS examination. We’ve to go inside. Bitu states they won’t let’s. Kulwant states you don’t really know me. Kulawnt speaks to the guard & he let’s her go.

Scene 3
Meher, Amrita & Sarab accomplish the prayers. Meher informs Amrita Vikram Dewan looks exactly like Manav. However he could’t be Manav. Like mummy ji.. He could’t be Manav. Amrita states I could know your pain. You’ve him in your heart even today.

Meher states no, that Meher has passed away. In my heart, there’s only Sarab as of now. When he’s worried, I’m in pain. His own happiness makes me happy. I has been so incomplete he finished me. I’m within the temple.

My breaths have Sarab’s name only. I love him over my personal life. Sarab comes there with Karan & states there’s Meher mama. Sarab states Meher handle my partner. Sarab states it’s our dad’s anniversary today. He goes to service citizens. Meher states he can leave me the 1st night. However he gave me his own name & Karan. He never queries regarding my past.

I assured myself I won’t let my family (4) break. Amrita states I’m worried regarding mummy ji. I trust all your decisions. However she went to Dehli. Meher states call her I’ll speak to her.

Kulwant makes the video footage within the home. She cuts Amrita’s call. Kulwant acts like a direction. A person comes & requests who’re you? Rana states she’s a director Candy K. Bitu states we need to shoot her. Kulwant lokos in their own family (4) pictures. Rana states she made funny Singh the hero. Kulwant picks Vikram’s picture & states I identified the model.

The person states this isn’t a model. he’s our chotay sahab CBI official Vikram Dewan. Leave before Brigadier Sahab comes. He’ll murder you all. Kulwant states so he’s their own son? The servant states discuss a son. Brigadier identified him almost passed a yr. back. He took him house & made him his own son. Kulwant faints.

Scene 4
Meher & Sarab come house. Param states watch who’s here. Aditi is there. She states I had come for play’s rehearsal. She states I’m sorry I didn’t call before coming. Sarab states it’s my dad’s anniversary.

You could call Vikram here. I need to stay house. Aditi could’t breathe. Sarab states are you okay? She states I’m fine. Sarab imparts her parsad. Harleen comes & states hi. Harleen states come let’s prostrate.

Param states Karan, he’s our dada ji. Harleen states Meher, lay Karan within the pram. There have been flowers, he could gain allergic. Sarab states let him prostrate 1st. Aditi recalls him informing Guddi, you’re my doll. I’ll never leave you. Her hands shiver.

Harleen states in heart I’ve to tell daddy ji’s fact to Sarab today. Aditi is walking out. Sarab states please come. She moves towards the photo. Sarab states dad, she’s also my sister. Our relationship isn’t of blood, however you taught me relations are made from heart not blood.

Sarab imparts her arti. Aditi hears voices. The flowers fall from her hands. Harleen states Sarab come with me, I need to talk to you. Sarab states come with me. Meher states however she named you. Sarab states we’re 1 human. Sarab requests where is Lalita? Different servant states she left.

Meher states where? Aditi states Lalita texted me. She’s a daughter, her spouse doesn’t let her go outdoor because she’s beautiful. Meher states reminded me of my friend Mayura. Everybody welcomes her beauty however no 1 sees her talent.

Sarab leaves. Param states don’t worry Karan BigB is with you. Sarab states what’s it? Harleen states could’t we brother & sister ever talk alone? Meher moves outdoor. Sarab states block. Meher states it’s okay. She wants to talk to you. Sarab states no. He states Meher is my personal life partner. She’s equal part of all my happiness & problems. Everything is ours.

Harleen states I kept this secret in my heart for yrs.. Just how accomplish I.. Sarab states this is dad’s trunk. Harleen states I couldn’t block when you named Aditi your sister. He’d a last wish before dying & he informed that to me only.

She takes out a photo & imparts it to Sarab. It’s their own dad’s photo with a lady & a little lady. Sarab states who’re they? Harleen states dad’s different family (4). Sarab is stunned.

Harleen states dad’s 2nd spouse & their own daughter. Our step sister.

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