Barister Babu 21st August 2024 Episode Written Update: Anirudh backs up Bondita’s education

The Daily episode begins with Anirudh awaiting for Bondita. She comes house. Trilochan requests did she gain everything, its not easy to becomes a great housewife. She states I’ll pass this test also, watch I got (1) everything. She shows the items. She states I’ve great memory, I don’t forget anything.

Trilochan states you forgot to repatriate the rest amount. Bondita requests that amount, there is no amount left, its all spent. He states I gave you 2 rupees, did you gain just this, maybe you’d eaten sweets within the market. She states no, I didn’t eat sweets, I gain everything to eat in house.

Trilochan requests are you informing the fact. She states yes, you could inquire Bihari. Anirudh states why to inquire Bihari, inquire Bondita, what has been the cost of chunar. He requests Bondita to give the account(a/c). Trilochan states yes, shopkeeper looted her, however I’ve sent Bihari along. He scolds Bihari.

Anirudh states Bihari is eating a betel, maybe he left Bondita alone. Bihari recalls leaving her in the shop & going to Anirudh. Anirudh requests him to just accomplish his own work (5). Bondita states I don’t know the amount coins.

Bihari gets betels. Anirudh requests him to eat it. He requests him to eat 10 betel leaves & not tell anything in house. FB ends. Trilochan requests has been it imp to eat betel. Anirudh states forgive him, think what to accomplish as of now. Trilochan states that shopkeeper deceived my bahu, I’ll teach him a lesson.

Anirudh states its best to teach a lesson to our Bahu, we must clarify her calculations. He requests Bondita just how numerous paise are there in 1 rupee. Bondita gets silent. Anirudh requests her to say. She states I don’t really know all this, I informed this to shopkeeper & he understood.

he taken all this amount. She smiles. Anirudh states he didn’t take (2), however looted amount. He requests Trilochan did she accomplish work (5) well, she got (1) the loss, because she isn’t educated, just how going to she really know the difference when she didn’t read books, just how going to she really know calculations, that’s why I informed you, studies are important for a housewife also.

He states she won’t really know the measurements of cloth to make curtain, she won’t really know the quantity of meal ingredients to make kheer for prasad, isn’t it required that she gets educated, we respect Laxmi & Saraswati, why is bahu just named Laxmi, not Saraswati, she’ll gain Saraswati’s blessing as well. He states master ji going to come to teach you today, you’ve to learn from him. Trilochan requests Bihari to go & spit the betel leaf.

He states fine, Bondita, you could research, however not before ending Devi’s curse, you’ve to make bhog & afterwards I’ll allow you to research. Anirudh smiles. Bondita imagines I’ve to accomplish both the things. Binoy states Anirudh persuaded Trilochan to educate Bondita. Saudamini states gratitude to notify, I m going to meet my friend. He states you’re smiling, I m worried, did you accept defeat, you think you could marry in 10 days.

She states I need to win Anirudh, just handle Bondita, I’ll handle Anirudh, I’ll go, you go & enjoy your English tea, you’ll really know my drama shortly. Bondita goes to make bhog. Trilochan comes to support her.

He states I’ll teach you just how to make you a great housewife. She requests just how going to you teach me in case you sit outdoor, why don’t you come there, I m little, there is place for you. He requests just how could I come in. She states by walking. Bihari laughs.

Trilochan scolds him. He states I could’t come, does people enter kitchen, it doesn’t suit people, kitchen is for ladies. Bondita requests why does it happen that people gain the meal provided 1st, in case a lady makes meal, why does a person eat meal 1st. Trilochan states don’t inquire such queries. Bondita states Anirudh stated we could really know everything by reading the books.

He states don’t take (2) the name of books, learn the kitchen duties. He states 1st chapter starts as of now. He requests her to learn the spices. He requests for Tejpatta. She states it means a tree leaf. She shows the Tejpatta.

He states nice, it means you really know it. She states no, you stated Tejpatta, I utilized my brain & got (1) the leaf from that spices. Bihari states it needs courage to tell fact, amazing. Trilochan states you could’t guess it, so I m teaching you, tell me, that 1 is clove.

She shows unfair ones. He signs no. She requests just how would I really know regarding clove. He states you don’t really know. She states I don’t really know. He states show me cardamom, just how would you really know, you had come from poverty-stricken Maayka. She shows the cardamom & states.

Maa planted it & we habituated to gain numerous cardamoms. Trilochan states fine, accomplish you really know different spices, just how could anybody cook tasty meal, memorize the spices. Biraj requests what accomplish you need to accomplish, I m seeing your turned behaviour, tell me. Surmani requests is it unfair to wish great for Sampoorna. Biraj states I don’t trust you, what are you hiding, tell me, else I’ll call everybody.

Surmani shows the baby’s cap. She states I didn’t need Sampoorna here, however knowing she’s carrying, my heart melted, I need to make a new begin, I went to gain the stitching material.

Biraj states I could’t believe you, its big joy for me that Saurabh’s child is coming, don’t try to snatch my happiness, else I could’t tolerate it. She goes. Surmani laughs & states Sampoorna going to break your heart, you’ll really know she isn’t carrying. S

aurabh goes to Sampoorna & requests did you know anything. She states everything, I has been mad & didn’t accomplish anything. He imagines she understood she isn’t carrying. She requests him not to touch her.

He requests why, you understood as of now. She states I understood ladies gain much sleep in this state. He requests didn’t you read the book.

She states no, I felt asleep. He states its fine, you aren’t feeling sleepy as of now, go & see the book as of now. She goes. She looks for the book. She states what going to I say as of now. He requests what happened. She states book isn’t there.

He requests where is the book, you really know there going to be a storm in case anybody gets that book, we’ve to locate it. She requests what going to happen in case anybody sees the pics. He states it has been to clarify you. She requests what. He informs her.

She worries & shuts ears. She requests did you need me to watch such a book. He states don’t anger me, come & support me in detecting the book.

Trilochan requests Bihari to show spices. He informs regarding spices. Bondita repeats it. She gets funny & shifts name of spice. Bihari laughs hearing their own talk. Bihari shows black pepper. Bondita states because it looks black, there has been Jhilmil in our village, she has been dark, everybody teased her as Kalika, she felt bad, its not right, Maa states everybody must gain identity by values, not colors, she’s right.

He states just how could your mum be unfair, what has been I requesting, black pepper, smell it. Anirudh comes & looks on. Bondita sneezes. Trilochan states she sneezed, its a bad omen.