Goats arrested for eating municipality plants, bailed at ₹9000

Hyderabad(Hyd): A farmer of Yellandu Khammam ran into problem when he has been fined with INR 9000 after his own 3 goats munched on Municipality plants.

When Yellandu Municipal commissioner, A Srinivas Reddy saw goats eating from that road divider; he made a quick ‘goat detain’ & tied them near a water tank. The incident occurred in Jagdamba centre some days back.

The municipality then informed their own boss, D Lotho, & informed him that his own goats are ‘in custody’. He has been also informed to pay a fine of INR 9000 for their own declare. Lotho has been thereafter inquired to be vigilant & he has been directed not to let his own animals roam on the roads.

The municipality awhile talking to the media, reported that it wasn’t the only incident, multiple cattle were taken into custody before, where they have been declared with a fine of INR 3500.

Goat didn’t wear a mask

In a separate incident in WP’s Kanpur last week, a goat has been taken into ‘custody’ for ‘not wearing a mask’. It has been taken to the PS (police station) in a police jeep. When the boss of the goat learned that the police had taken it far away, he dashed to the PS (police station).

He pleaded with the policemen & the police finally let him take (2) back his own goat however alerted him not to permit the animal to roam on the road.

Circle official, Anwarganj PS (police station), Saifuddin Beg, although, stated that the police had identified a teenager without a mask, taking the goat along.

“When he saw the police, he ran far away leaving the goat behind so the policemen took the goat to the PS (police station). Thereafter, we handed over the goat to its boss,” he stated.