4 goats died days after goatherd tests positive for coronavirus

Bengaluru: Panic prevailed amongst the locals of a village in Karnataka(KA) State after 4 goats passed away days after goatherd has tested positive(+ve) for COVID-19.

to allay peasants’ fear that livestock may have contracted the infection, Dept. of Animal husbandry & Veterinary Solutions, Karnataka(KA) isolated 50 goats.

Test record

The peasants claimed that the livestock is facing respiratory issues.

Thereafter, the test record of the goats affirmed that they’re suffering from seasonal diseases & not COVID-19. Seasonal diseases are common amongst the livestock.

H. Basavarajendra, Commissioner, Animal Husbandry stated that till date, in India(In), no animal has contracted COVID-19.

COVID-19 instances in India(In)

Meantime, India(In)’s COVID-19 tally breached the Six lakh instances mark. The overall instances as of now stand in 6,04,641 of that there have been 2,26,947 active instances awhile 3,59,860 sufferers were cured/discharged/migrated.

Maharashtra(MH), the worst-hit state, has a overall of 1,80,298 instances involving 8,053 fatalities. Meantime, TN has 94,049 instances inclusive of 1,264 demises. Delhi(DL) has 89,802 COVID-19 instances involving 2,803 demises.