Former Egypt President Morsi’s son poisoned to death, claim lawyers

Cairo: Lawyers said that 25-year-old Abdullah Morsi, son of previous Egypt President Mohamed Morsi has been intoxicated to demise. They refused the announcement given by this officials.

Officials’ claim

Previously, officials have said that Abdullah had passed away of a heart attack. They’ve stated that he’d spasms awhile driving his own car. Though he has been dashed to the hospital (3), doctors couldn’t safeguard him, they added further.

On Sun., lawyers in Guernica 37 Intl. Justice Chambers claimed that Abdullah has been died. They also stated that after the demise, he has been transported in his own car a gap of over 20 km to a hospital (3).

They furthermore claimed that some govt authorities have been aware that it has been a killing.

Abdullah Morsi has been scared

Co-founder & head of the law company, Toby Cadman claimed that Abdullah Morsi has been scared after he’d conducted some govt authorities accountable for the demise of his own dad.

He’d leveled allegations over numerous people involving Interior Minister Mahmoud Tawfiq.

After the military coup that has been carried out by this current President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Mohammed Morsi has been sent into jail.