Tools used to wash Holy Kaaba put on display

Makkah: Some tools utilized for washing the Holy Kaaba were put on display by this Gen. Presidency for the Affairs of the 2 Holy Mosques. The ceremonial annual washing has been conducted last Thu..

The tools have been displayed in a virtual exhibition. The exhibition aims in documenting & highlighting Saudi’s measures in serving the 2 Holy Mosques & caring for the Hajj & Umrah pilgrims & visitors to the holy mosques.

Saudi Arabia Gazette quoted Abdul Hameed Al-Maliki, deputy head of the agency for the affairs of the Kaaba cover factory, exhibitions & museums in the Haram Gen. Presidency, as informing, “The tools habituated to wash the Holy Kaaba are all made of copper, & have been especially made for this occasion.”

He disclosed that the tools are made up of a no. of instruments, involving 4 gallon-bowl with a capability of 10 litres, including the mixture for washing the Holy Kaaba. The mixture that is utilized for washing Holy Kaaba consists of best oud oil, rose perfume & rose water blended with Zamzam water. Taif roses & amber are also added further to the mixture.

To sweep impurities inside the Kaaba, 4 straw brooms with silver handles are utilized. 4 mops with silver-coated handles are habituated to clean the high & out-of-reach walls of the Kaaba. To clean the floors of the Kaaba 4 pieces of cloth with wooden handles are utilized.

As per Al-Maliki, maintaining in see the COVID-19 epidemic status, the exhibition has been organised in a virtual platform. The directives released by this command is being followed awhile keeping high quality & in accordance with the largest health rules to make sure the safety of everybody.