Beyhadh 2, 1st April 2024 Episode 91: Maya Reveals Her Past to Vikram

Beyhadh 2, 1st April 2024 Episode 91 Written Update: Maya Reveals Her Past to Vikram and tells about MJ.

The episode starts with Maya swinging a baby’s swing. Vikram sees it with many questions in mind.

Vikram asks Maya, why you sat here? Maya replies because everything started from here, my baby!

Maya reveals her past with MJ, how MJ came close to her and won her trust. MJ proposes Maya(Manvi) in the past.

Maya becomes pregnant and MJ wanted to kill the baby. Maya reveals that MJ killed her baby and tried to kill Maya as well, Maya luckily survived.

Then Maya decided to take revenge on MJ. Maya breaks the silence and shouts that, unless until I kill everyone who killed my baby I won’t become a mother again.

Vikram says you have the right princess, you have the right to kill them.

Rudra asks MJ, why you went to Maya’s house, he replies I have gone for the sake of my satisfaction, Rudra replies, Maya is my enemy and only I will kill her.

Maya tells Vikram, today after seeing MJ, my defeat, my past and helplessness everything came in front of me. Vikram says I am with you, your revenge is my revenge, I will take your revenge.

Vikram takes a promise that you(Maya) should not go out of the house, now I will take your revenge, then we will have our baby and will start a new life.

Next episode of Beyhadh 2, 2nd April 2024 promo shows that Maya tells Vikram about MJ and shows his photo, Vikram says they will all die and one more person also, Maya asks Who, Vikram Replies “Rudra”. Maya becomes furious!

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