Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1st September 2024 Episode Written Updates

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka first Sep 2024 Written Updates Begins With Aman Is Residing With Memories Of Roshni & By Remembering All The Recent Things. Aman Is Quite Sad, Syma Feeds Her Water.

Here Shayari Tries To Cover Juned Bhawan By Utilizing Some of the Magical Power. He Stops From Shayari & States That You Leave From Here Only Afterwards Everything Going to Be Fine. She States That I Am Just Here To Support This Family (4). Else I Have Clarified This To You Previously.

Tabiji Comes There & States That Rehan Shayari Is Right. I Really know You Going to Locate It Tough To Believe In Poetry. Be that as it may, In case You Need My Words, You Could Believe It. Tabizi Say This Home With Magic Power Is Surrounded So That No External Enforce Could Attack It.

A Week Thereafter, Dadi States That There Is No Improvement In The Health Of Aman. I Am Quite Worried Regarding His own Health As It Is. Occurring & Not Coming Out Of Her Memories. The Next In the morning Aman Wakes Up & Sees A Lot Of Talks In The Room. Afterwards again, The Snow Of Snow Is Freezing & It Going to Never Survive. Winged animal Safeguard To Her Roshni Baby.

Aman Runs Down & Takes Everybody To The Room However There Is No Talk. Grandmother States That You Going to Miss Her Aman That’s Why You Should Be Feeling Like This. Rehan Tries To Influence Her & Does Shayari Talk To Someone The Next In the morning. Rehan Watch. Aman Gets A Flower Petal In Hand. Roshni Calls Him Out. He Fails To Watch Her.

Rehan Chases Shayari & Goes Behind It. Shayari Sees A Lot & Moves Far away From There To Distract Him. Aman Comes To The Room Here.

Roshni Comes There & Tries To Influence Her A Lot That I Am This, Afterwards She Turns Off The Light Of Her Baby Cradle Again & Again, & Roshni Ensures Her That This Is Me.

Aman Calls All The Family (4) Member, However The Family (4) Does Not Believe In Aman. In that point, The Roshni Comes Into The Pool & Makes A Mountain, That Makes Everybody Believe That The Roshni Wants To Tell (or) Where It Is.

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