Shakti 1st September 2024 Episode Written Updates

Shakti first Sep 2024 Written Updates Begins With Jarhana blows up realizing that Virat’s ring is with Heer. Sant admonishes him concerning why he steadily follows Heer.

Parmeet states that Virat must break the relationship with Heer in 1 turn. Parmeet states that within the event that Virat isn’t stressed over them, in that point in any rate he must pressure over Jarhana & he oughtn’t make her cry that way. Virat feels regretful & apologizes to Jarhana.

Virat states he’ll bring the ring as of now. Jarhana states that within the event that Virat is truly want to apologizes to her, in that point he must call Pandit & choose the date of their own marriage.

Parmeet, Sant & remaining likewise concur with this imagined of ​​Jarhana. Virat additionally concurs with this & leaves to take (2) the ring. Jarhana & everyone is pleased that Virat has consented to the wedding & the Sant calls Jarhana’s dad to illuminate him.

There Preeto brings Heer house & Sindhu requests Heer just how is she as of now? Heer states she’s OK. Heer states that she needs to drink adhrak chai & requests Preeto to make it. Ravi states she’ll make tea & requests Preeto to remain with Heer. Heer imagines in her brain that Virat could come here whenever & she sits tight for Virat appearance.

There, Shano goes to Soham’s room & admonishes him for not slaughtering Heer. Soham states that he’ll killing her when he gets the following possibility. Shano states that as of now she could’t support Soham.

She states that as of now no 1 however Karina could support Soham who’s the Guru maa of eunuchs & Soumya’s just foe. Shano educates him that she lives in Gurdaspur. Soham disappears from the point subsequent to hearing this.

Awhile Heer questions as to whether he discovers who’s behind her mishap. Preeto states they’ll examine it thereafter. That is when Virat goes into in Heer’s house. Rohan blows up & inquire Virat to leave from the point.

Heer stops Rohan & states that Virat has come to gain his own wedding band. Preeto states she’ll return to Virat. Heer states that she needs to restore the ring to Virat herself.

Virat afterwards takes the ring & reveals to Heer that his own wedding date was fixed & henceforth he currently needs to end this. Heer is stunned to hear this & feels pitiful. Virat afterwards disappears from the point.

Shano goes to Soham & states why has Virat turned so abruptly. Shano states that Virat had once expended poison for Heer & today he’d even prefer not to watch Heer.

Soham thinks that in case Virat doesn’t have the foggiest idea regarding the reality of Heer, for what reason does he scorn her so much & on the off opportunity that he knows why he remains about Heer. Soham follows Virat to locate his own resolution.

Soham stops Virat in transit & questions as to why he left Heer. Virat states there is no utilization of addressing this as of now. Soham appeals an answer from him. Virat states that he’s assured somebody that he won’t uncover the mystery & within the event that Soham needs his own answers, in that point he ought to inquire his own housemates.

There, in Virat’s house, Panditji chooses the date for marriage following 21 days. Virat additionally arrives in his own house in that point & hears it. Virat reaches them to schedule for the wedding as the time is short. Here Rohan advises Heer regarding her test date. Heer chooses to evident the test.

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