Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8 May 2024 Written Episode, Read Today’s (08-05-2021) Full Written Update.

Today’s Written Episode: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th May 2024 Daily Serial Starts With Gehna performs pooja and shows aarti to whole family, but Baa sits silently.

Gehna calls her and shows her aarti. Baa sits angrily. Gehna gives her saari. Baa sees new embroidery flowers on mother’s gifted sari and says her Baa’s sari didn’t have these flowers. Gehna says she couldn’t remove stains completely, so thought of improving the sari on someone’s advice.

She reminsices Anant’s long advice that one should improve thinks if they cannot get them back to normal, that is life; some issues slip from their hands and will never return, that doesn’t mean they are weak; they should just try and things happening with effort are teh best.

Out of flashback, she tells Baa that she tried her best to remove all stains, but few stains couldn’t be removed, so she made flowers on them to hide the defect and more beautify the sari.

Baa emotoinally says she suddenly feels that her small Gehna has grown up; earlier this sari had her Baa’s gift and now it has even her daughter’s gift, its a special combination. Gehna happily thanks her.

Hema and her team fume seeing that. Hiral tells Baa that she is her elder daughter and needs her sari. Baa says all her 5 daughters have right on this sari.

Kanak thinks she is not interesting in old Baa’s ancient sari and she should give her property instead. Gehna thinks Baa’s sari is fixed and now she needs to fix someone else, looking at Kanak.

Kanak is busy applying nail polish when Sagar walks in and asks new mamma to play with him. Kanak asks to go and play himself. He insists to apply nail polish on her nails.

She thinks she will get both nail polish and hand massage from him as Pankaj is not at home to serve her. She orders Sagar same who agrees and massages her hand while she rests. He then smears her hand with nail polish.

Anant feeds medicine to Radhika and asks how is her leg pain now, it must have lessened a lot after applying Gehna’s herbal paste.

Gehna walks in and asks Anant to leave Radhika’s concern for her, she will completely heal Radhika’s pain. She stuffs turmeric, pepper, and giner laddu in her mouth and says it will heal pain soon. Radhika tears due to its spicy nature.

Anant says looks like Radhika is shedding happy tears with Gehna’s service. Radhika thinks he should eat this laddu and realize how spicy it is.

Gehna asks her to eat one more. Radhikaa asks to keep it aside and she will have it later. Anant asks Radhika to rest now, Vinit is out of town and she is injured, so he will work hard and finish the project alone.

He walks away with Gehn a. Radhika fumes that she gave him job to get him near her, but he is getting away from her for job.

Sagar tells Kanak that he finished his work. Kanak says good boy and then fumes seeing her spoilt nails. Sagar says she told nail polishing is like painting and drawing, so he did both.

She angrily tries to scold him, but stops seeing Radhika and Hema entering. Sagar addressing them as baali wali aunty and moti/obese aunty says he made this drawing, how is it.

Hema laughs and tells Kanak that she feels god is online to punish people instantly, Kanak spoilt Baa’s sari and now her favorite nails are spoilt. Radhika stops Hema. Kanak asks Sagar to go and sleep now.

Sagar leaves. Hema tells Kanak that she knows she loves Sanchi and Pihu, but didn’t know she loves even her bhaila. Kanak thinks when she will find out that she hit her brother, she will also be in shock like her brother and will break her head, so its better she shouldn’t know about it.

Radhika informs what Gehna did and says she is behind her always. Kanak thinks Gehna left Sagar behind her like a bull, asks Radhika to relax and says Gehna is alone and they are 3, they together should plan against her. Hema says Gehna loves studying and they should ruin her studies.

Anant brings Radhika to dining hall for dinner. Baa says wow Radhika’s wound is healed with Gehna’s herbal paste. Radhika acts and says still there is pain. Courier boy delivers parcel for Gehna.

Radhka, Kanak, and Hema smirk. Gehna checks parcel and informs Anant that she got computer class admission card. Anant asks who got her admission. Kanak says she did it as Gehna wants to become a lawyer and computer knowledge is very much necessary.

Anant thanks her for thinking of Gehna’s future. Radhika thinks she did it to send Gehna away from Anant and come closer to him, says she will pay the fees.

Gehna says she herself will pay the fees. Radhka says it doesn’t matter if she or Anant pays fees. Gehna says she will pay fees with her own money. Radhika asks if she knows how expensive education is, she doesn’t even do a job.

Gehna says what if she doesn’t do job, she earned money with her hard work and reminds that she earned 20 lakhs via Mrs Surat competition. Kanak thinks how can she forget that money, she has right on it.

Gehna says she gave part of that money to Bapuji for house expenses like Ananth, Chetan, and Pankaj do and kept some for her studies.

She further says that Radhika surprised her and now its her turn, she called a massager for her speedy recovery. Radhika fumes if she hired a male massager, she is modern yet sanskari. Anant backs Radhika.

Kanak yells why didn’t she take anyone’s permission before hiring a massager. Hiral yells she doesn’t thinks she needs anyone’s permission. Baa says she should have informed her once. Baa says they should see the massager first. Massager enters hiding his face. Kanak warns him to return right away.

Massager insists to perform Radhika’s massage. Radhika shouts she will not let him touch her and orders to get out. Massager insists. Anant says he will kick him out. Gehna asks to look at massager’s face once. Massager removes his mask and reveals he is Vineet. Radhika shocked asks if he didn’t go on a business trip.

Vinit says Gehna called him and made him realize that Radhika is more important to him than his business, she explained him whole issue, so he canceled meeting and came here thinking how can he go leaving her in pain and will stay with her until she recovers completely.

He asks Baa and Bapuji if he can stay here. Bapuji says of course. Vinit thanks Gehna for making him realize his responsibility towards his wife. Kanak thinks dobi duffer spoilt their plan.

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Production Co: Rashmi Sharma Telefilms

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