Meri Gudiya 25th January 2024 Episode Update: Adrika On A Mission

Meri Gudiya 25th January 2024 Episode Written Update: Adrika On A Mission;

The Episode begins with Pari damaging Ratri and concealing the ring. Maa states Ratri is hurt. Adrika says there are some rings. Turanta goes to telephone Raghav. Raghav wipes and yells tears. Raghav sees and comes to Ratri.

Maa says something went. Now ratri believes everything was happening as I desired, how did this happen, I’ll get participated. Maa says Ratri can not create the ring is worn by Raghav, because the ring is stolen, along with her finger is stolen, therefore that he can not make the ring is worn by her, this rasam can not happen, we’ll do it. Pari believes to prevent them.

Ratri becomes mad. Adrika yells and comes on her. Her bangles throw. Adrika says now, the union will occur. Ratri cries. She states why do I need enemies if my sister is my enemy. She yells Adrika… Adrika goes.

Ratri receives the ring. She gets mad. Adrika proceeds to see. Maa asks Dulaari to ship Shaurya to get work. She leaves at the vehicle. Adrika believes that Rudraksh gets joyful, I must discover the secret. She gets in the auto dickey. They depart. Adrika says my assignment will acquire complete. Avi asks where’s Shaurya and daddy.

Dulaari states Shaurya has gone for Sushma Dadi. Choti Dadi is said by avi. Turanta states Raghav’s telephone is active, maybe he’s busy at the workplace. Dulaari asks what occurred. Avi states that I have.

Dulaari says you will be helped by Ratri to go and ask her to assist you. Avi says her hands is hurt. Dulaari says that she can assist you. Avi asks Ratri to help and comes. Ratri says not ask somebody else. Avi says there isn’t anyone in the home. Ratri asks her to proceed. Avi states rest is taken by you, you’re hurt, will I employ your medication. Ratri asks her to proceed. She wishes she’d involvement ring in her hand.

Avi sits to perform assignments. Madhuri believes that I will help you personally, you can not fail in check. Guru ji is met by maa. He states that your vrath has been a defense for Avi.

She says you advised me that I need to secure Avi. He inquires do you feel you did right there are spirits such as Avi, however, there are lots of spirits, its soul. He asks her to await his hint.

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