COVID infected woman gives birth to healthy triplets in KSA

AL-JOUF : A COVID-19 contaminated lady gave birth to healthy triplets in Al-Jouf area of Saudi, Saudi Arabia Gazette recorded.

The new-born babies are in great health & have tested negative for COVID-19. The mom is also in great health.

A specialized tandem of doctors & technicians played a C-section on the lady in Maternity & Kids Hospital (3) in Sakka city of Al-Jouf.

The C-section has been played by a specialized tandem of doctors & technicians. The surgery has been carried out following all precautionary steps released by this Ministry of Health with regard to handling carrying mothers contaminated (or) suspected of being contaminated with the infection. The steps also contain that the newborns must be dealt in a way that assures their own safety along with of health practitioners engaged within the procedure.

The hospital (3) seen 33 births during this 3 days of Eid Al-Adha. Awhile eight have been C-section instances, 25 have been regular deliveries.