COVID-19: Clerics issue advisory appealing muslims to pray home

Hyderabad(Hyd): Within the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 disease, that has said large number of lives around the world, involving numerous in India(In), eminent Muslim religious companies & renowned clerics have requested to the Muslim society to stay indoors & offer Namaz in house.

Maulana Jamal Ur Rahman of Deccan Madrasa Board; Khalid Saiful Rahmani, secretary All India(In) Muslim Personal Law; Raheem Uddin Ansari of Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom & numerous extra ulamas & Maulana’s from that state had appealed Muslims to pray in their own houses even the masjids are open.

In spite of, relaxed rules the cleric also pushed Muslims to pray in house & seek Allah to make the country free from that deadly COVID-19 shortly.

Clerics had requested to Muslims to abide by this instructions released by this govt within the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Furthermore, the clerics emphasized just how residing house, maintaining up with physical distancing rules & wearing of face masks is vital & had pushed citizens to accomplish so.

Meantime, 3.86 lakh citizens in India(In) have been identified contaminated with new COVID-19 within the mo of Jun alone, putting the contry among the 4 worst-affected countries within the globe.