Corona: Hyderabadi Man Says ‘Unable to Breathe’, Before Dying of COVID

Hyderabad(Hyd): In a heart-melting video footage, a 34-year-old patient has been witnessed informing that he’s not been able to breathe as ventilator help was eliminated.

Courtesy: NDTV

He claimed that no 1 is in response to his own plea for oxygen help for the past 3 hours. He sent this video footage to his own dad minutes before he has been announced passed.

According to the information of the complaint, on Wed., the person has been confessed to Govt Chest Hospital (3), Erragadda after over 10 private hospitals denied to confess him.

He reported & sent the video footage on Fri. night. Although, his own dad saw it only after performing last rite of the demised on Sat..

COVID-19 record

The tragedy doesn’t end here, the COVID-19 record of the demised person that had come after his own demise affirmed that he has been contaminated with the infection.

As of now, the family members are scared that they might were exposed to the infection. It’s claimed that no 1 is prepared to carry out COVID-19 test of the demised’s family (4) members.

Chest Hospital Supervisor rejects allegations

In spite of the video footage recording of the patient, Chest Hospital (3) Supervisor Mahboob Khan refused the allegations & stated that ventilator help wasn’t eliminated. He stated that within the crucial phase, the patient couldn’t feel the oxygen help.

Granting furthermore information of the demised person, Khan stated that the patient passed away because of the sudden collapse of the heart.