Islamophobia enables Modi supporters to forgive his inaction

Uppsala: Ashok Swain is a well-known Professor of Peace & Conflict Study in Uppsala University, Sweden. His own latest tweet has furthermore shed light on the mentality of numerous of PM Narendra Modi’s followers.

With the PM’s supporters not been able to defend his own inability to prevent the previous Chinese incursion into Ladakh, Swain aptly pointed out that their own Islamophobia going to enable them to even pardon the loss of Indian territory.

The staunch vigor with that numerous supporters whitewashes the ruling dispensation’s mishaps & over-embellish his own slightest accomplishment has died-down just recently. In his own tweet, Ashok Swain candidly states, “Even in case Modi imparts far away the whole of Ladakh to China, still his own Bhakts going to continue to worship him. His own Islamophobic Bhakts worship him not for anything however due to his own hatred towards Muslims.”

Swain is a vocal Hindu critic of the fanatical Hindutva aspects that have engulfed the nation for the last 6 yrs.. Be it his own lambasting of Modi for cunning regarding the Balakot airstrikes (or) the Indian Hindu diaspora’s fiscal & rhetorical help to fringe teams in house, Swain was steadfast in his own criticism.

The response towards this tweet was either 1 of condemnation from ardent Modi loyalists (or) sanction by those over his own policies.