Choti Sardarni 30th December 2019 Update: Harleen Asks Sarab to Divide Everything

Shan says I will market myself but nothing. For me that these are emmotions and all memories of my mother and dad all these are matters. They’re my life. Life is priceless I was mad which under stress I went to auction of this. Sarab is said by rovi, it is too late. Auction has some principles. It is sold When a thing is sold.

Yes is chanted by all folks we will not return. Harleen says that I will provide you the sum. Sarab says yes let it remain in our residence. Meher says do not have to do that. There’s not any auction. These all are theater actors I predicted here in order to act.

Sarab says thank you. He says you were delivered by God for a blessing in my entire life. A boon that everything. Meher is clapped for by everyeone.

Sarab Requires Harleen. They cry. Rovi is mad. Harleen claims that this auction shouldn’t ever occur. Meher is looked at by her. Harleen states but we can not stay together. What is said by dolly? Sarab says ? Harleen says to split everything. Tonight will be separated by us. Meher states but di. . Harleen states you shut up. Harleen goes indoors. Sarab is mad.

Dolly states Rovi did you determine what I did? Rovi says I’m a puppy. Dolly says Harleen is angry at Meher, learn. There and it isn’t known by us. Rovi states bone is constantly needed by that a dog.

Jagga Claims to Kulwant I am proud of Meher. The auction stopped. Kulwant says she’s dumb. I’d do away with Harleen.
Rovi is said to by kulwant. Go wear some thing. He states that the machine is not currently functioning. So no clothing are washed. Kulwant states where’s Bitu? He states Bitu went outside. She states bring your clothes. She states Jitto come here. Your hair is amazing. In seeing machine, you wash them? No right? Palms are used by you? Do you require a machine for clothing? It is washed by going. Amrita says will she bathe them. Kulwant says she must.

Sarab claims to Meher my father used to say calmness at there is a home from a girl and you proved it. You saved me and have always been there for me. Thank you. You were needed by this home. Meher recalls what Harleen explained. Param claims mama help me resolve math issue and comes.

He is helped by meher. Sarab smiles. Param says you are a genius. You are the best. Thank you. Meher claims to Sarab, I had a petition, can harleen and your’s part split? He states you do everything.

Kulwant is currently sleeping. Someone plays with audio. Kulwant says I’m sure it is Yuvi. She sees Jagga, Rana, Bitu, Amrita and everybody dance whilst doing the laundry and helping Jitto and cmes outside. She states wow this motto, they’ll wash me enjoy this. They need don’t escape from my palms. I must rule and divide. Do what you desire.

Khushi claims to Harleen I’m likely to tuition. Her minutes are recalled by harleen. The tune aik hazaron mein plays. Harleen is said by Rovi, everything has split. Everybody is awaiting you. Come let us go. Harleen goes downstairs.

Meher has set everything in 1 nothing and half. In heart everything will be mine, rovi states. Sarab is said by meher, Harleen is here. Sarab states these are our assests. Take anything you desire. Rovi states but these are just 1 part. Where’s the other half? Meher comes.


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