Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th August 2024 Episode Written Updates

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 25th Aug 2024 Written Updates Begins With Riddhima gets determined to really know reality with regards to the representation. Vansh support her in thinking regarding Ragini.

Here, Aryan seed queries in Riddhima’s brain that in case Vansh blows up he could even execute anyone.

Riddhima by 1 way (or) the other figure out just how to pass the statistics to Kabir. Kabir reaches Riddhima to chase for Vansh’s mystery enclose that he maintains the report of his own close to ones. Karma favors Riddhima & she gets an image of Ragini on that Ragini’s dad number has been referenced.

Riddhima addresses Ragini’s dad & she gets fretful taking in somebody from Singhania home murdered Ragini. She queries Vansh. Furthermore, Mrs. Dsouza cheated Riddhima, as per Vansh’s guidance.

Currently within the up & coming scene, Riddhima going to call Kabir & going to advise him that Vansh implemented Ragini’s dad. Kabir & Vansh’s go head to head going to occur in VR Mansion. Kabir going to endeavour to capture Vansh although Vansh going to outperform the test.

Afterward, Vansh going to caution Riddhima. He’ll inquire her not as far as possible. Vansh going to likewise make Riddhima comprehend 3 things: he’ll disclose that he didn’t murder Ragini.

the person wasn’t Ragini’s dad & he additionally doesn’t killing that human. He’ll rage out of resentment & going to uncover that he realises she’s the human who named Kabir. Riddhima hearing Vansh going to stand stunned.

Going to Riddhima’s reality be uncovered before Vansh? Accomplish Vansh is tricking Riddima (or) he’s guiltless, well for all this relevant reactions continue viewing Ishq Mein Marjawan2 mon-sat on Colours TV.

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