Choti Sardarni 24th September 2024 Episode Written Update

Pandit Ji Requests Bride & Groom To Take (2) Rounds. Sarab Moves. Meher Sees Their own Knot. She Has To Walk Behind Him. Sarab Looks In Her & Smiles. He Recalls The Previous Events & Takes The Round About Fire With Her Apart from Aditi & Vikram.

Sarab Is Creating Video footage Of Aditi & Vikram Awhile Taking The Rounds. Meher Comes Forward. Vikram Sees Flases Of Meher’s Face & Taking Rounds With Her. He Stops & Looks In Meher. Vikram Sees Her Face In Flashback. Vikram Stops Walking. Aditi Feels Weird. Vikram Looks In The Fire & Recalls Being Stabbed. He Hears Meher Screaming Manav. Vikram Sees Her Face Carefully. His own Hands Shiver. He Recalls Everything. Vikram Recalls Just how He Has been Stabbed & Shoved From The Bridge Into The Lake. Vikram States No 1 Could Take (2) You From Me. Pandit Ji States Congratulations. Rounds Are Finished, The Wedding Is Finished. Vikram Looks In Meher & Sarab. He Looks In Aditi In Tears. Vikram States Meher.. Kulwant Looks In Him. He States I Am Back Gobi De Parathy, No 1 Could Part Us. Only Kulwant Hears It.

Vikram Faints & Falls Down. Everybody Is Stunned. Aditi Screams Vikram.. They All Rush To Him & Try To Gain Him Up. Kulwant Is Standing In A Shock. Meher Looks In Vikram & Recalls Her Moments With Manav. Vikram Looks In Her & Reaclls Their own Assures. Everybody Tries To Gain Them Up. Sarab States Meher Ji Call The Ambulance. Meher States That Would Take (2) Time. Vikram States Meher.. He Tries To Move His own Hand However He Could’t. Bitu & Sarab Pick Him. He Looks In Bitu & Rana & Recalls Being Dragged Out By Them & Being Thrown Off The Bridge. Vikram Looks In Meher & Imparts Her A Smile. Meher Feels Weird. Karan Cries. Param States What Happened To Uncle? Where Is He Being Taken? Karan Is Crying. Meher Picks Karan Adn Leaves.

Scene 2
Vikram Is Taken To The Urgency. Seema States Say Something. Vikram States I Am Back. Surya States Everything Going to Be Fine. Relax. I Am Here, His own Mind Is Always In The Instances. Seema Cries & States He’s Always Taking The Pressure Of Instances. She Cries. Seema States Please Take (2) Him To The Urgency. Aditi Comes In A Lab Coat & States Nothing Would Happen To Vikram. They Shift Him To The OT. Aditi Treats Vikram. Sarab, Surya & Seema Await Outdoor.

Bitu States What Happened Mummy Ji. She States Manav.. I Made A Massive Error. This Manav Is Vikram Dewan. His own Memory Has been Lost & As of now It’s Back. Rana States However You Have been Informing Something Else. She States I Heard He Taken Meher’s Name & Stated No 1 Could Part Us. That Scar Is Of The Stab. He Has been Continuously Looking In Meher. He Has Recalled Everything. He Going to Ruin Everything. Bitu States What Going to We Accomplish As of now. Kulwant States I Shouldn’t Have Suspended You. You Must Have Shot Him. We Have To Accomplish What We Couldn’t In The In the morning Before The In the evening.

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