Study Confirms… Can You Get the Coronavirus Twice?

WASHINGTON: Can You Get the Coronavirus Twice? Health experts and researchers in Hong Kong confirmed that an individual can be infected with Coronavirus twice in his lifetime.

There have been many isolated accounts on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and others of users who claim they’ve infected with Corona twice.

But scientists across the globe have been in doubt about that feasibility, saying there’s no proof on record that it happens.

Logical Daily Infographic: Can You Get The Coronavirus Twice?

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Can you get Coronavirus twice

Good News!

When doctors tested a Hong Kong man’s blood to check antibodies to the Coronavirus, surprisingly they didn’t find any.

That means he either had a weak immune or that the antibodies his body made during his first infection disappeared over time.

But during his second infection period, he quickly produced more antibodies, suggesting
that the 2nd time infection acted a bit like a booster to raise his immune system.

That could be the reason he didn’t have any COVID symptoms the 2nd time, too.


  • You may or may not get Coronavirus twice, it’s dependent. And it varies case to case.
  • You may or not infect others when infected the second time.
  • If you recovered quickly the first time, you will recover more quickly the 2nd time
    Approx. 4 out of 10 get Coronavirus twice.

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