Choti Sardarni 18th January 2024 Update: Param Goes to Picnic

Sarab says yesterday you did not know but today you understand that his affliction. When he moves he’d get exhausted Harleen says. This is not appropriate for him.

Doctor said he should not be tired. Nimki states that the physician said he wants to be positive and happy. His joy is being thought about by me and that I have a concept out of overexerting to keep him.

Kulwant states someone did so and itches. Jitto and amrita rub palms to on her. Jagga says do neem leaves do so. What is said by kulwant? Amrita states they are liked by you. I requested Rana to set them. Rana states but you began talking. Kulwant says closed up.

Meher arrives at the home of Kulwant. Why are we all here sarab states? Meher says I will do anything. Meher remembers her promise that she’d not go into this house. Sarab states in heart you looked back in this house, I do not understand the reason but today I understand that for the happiness of Param you’d do anything.

Meher enters. She is hugged by yuvi. Everyone is told by yuvi. Everybody is shocked. Amrita Requires Meher. Kulwant states my body itches really bad. Amrita says shower was taken by her.

Meher states that this is occurring due to the herb that is bichu. Jagga states who’d bring it? Is everybody looking at 8, yuvi states? I do not even understand what it is. Meher states Jitto, bring her coconut oil, it might cure. Kulwant states Amrita, deliver them refreshment.

Jagga says you look worried. Is everything alright? Meher says we need help from you. There is a tumor at the liver of Param week is his or her operation. Everybody is shocked. Meher states Param desired to visit the school picnic. Kulwant says that he is going to be fine do not worry.

Amrita says how do we help? Amrita says Yuvi will be there. Will you make sure that he sees that the Param does not overexert himself? Jagga says and hugs her do not worry.

We’ll make sure. Can we return to view Param jagga says. Meher says we do not need him to understand. Jagga says everything will be OK.

Sarab is currently sleeping alongside Param. He’s in tears. He recalls his minutes.

Yuvi gets prepared for your picnic. Amrita states treat Param. Yuvi pretends to bulge. Rana says what occurred? Yuvi says I’m acting for Param. I’ll tell him I’m hurt, so that he will not run.

Meher bua requested to treat him. We the picnic wills sit and revel in. Amrita says so that you know which foot to glow with, that I will place a bandage. Jitto says I’ve fitting bandage. Kulwant says it is not a style show.

Rana says I’ve got the idea. I shall break his leg. Kulwant says your legs will break. Set from his foot Param knows.

Meher says please phone the health care provider. Param states why are you calling the physician? I’m fine. Meher states please sit. Sarab and harleen come. Harleen states what happened? Meher says that he has a fever.

Param says I’m fine. Please do not call the health care provider. I must go to the picnic. Sanjana is called by sarab. If it is a lot she asks. Harleen says it is not much. Param says I wish to go to the picnic and yells.

I would like to go. He yells. Meher says do not shout. Sarab says we can not risk sending him. Meher says we’ll go. Harleen says college would make a problem out of it. Param says you assured me mama. Meher says get prepared, you will fall. Param says thank you mama and hugs her.

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