Kundali Bhagya Episode Written Update 11 September 2024: Karan Refuses To Be Alone With Preeta

Within the latest series of Kundali Bhagya, Karan accepts Preeta as his own spouse only to safeguard his own family (4) from being detained.

The police also inquire Karan & his own family (4) for develop for Preeta’s griha-pravesh & suhaag raat. Preeta requests Karan to stand beside her awhile she’s accessing the home.

Rishabh helps Preeta show the video footage of the griha pravesh to Sarla. Mahira feels offended after being inquired to support prepare for Preeta & Karan’s suhaag raat. She schedules to gain Preeta out of the home the quite next day.

Within the upcoming daily episode, Preeta calls up her mom once again when she approaches Karan’s room. She informs her that Karan still doesn’t accept her as his own spouse from his own heart.

Sarla informs Preeta that she needs to disclose the fact regarding Sherlyn & Mahira so that everybody, involving Karan realizes their own errors.

Srishti is happy when Sarla states that she knows Preeta & Karan love every different & they’ll gain over this misunderstanding shortly.

Sherlyn informs Mahira that Karan won’t spend a night with Preeta within the bedroom alone. Mahira rules to gain rid of Preeta the next in the morning itself.

Karan goes to Rishabh’s room & confronts his own regarding supporting Preeta. Karan also rules to spend the night in Rishabh’s bedroom.

Srishti calls up Sammy thereafter that night & informs him to ensure that Karan spends the night within the bedroom with Preeta.

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