Centre: ‘Make in India’ Ventilators have BiPAP Mode, Cost-effective

New Delhi:  Ministry of Health & Family (4) Welfare (MoHFW) on Wed. stated that “Make in India(In)” COVID ventilators supplied to states & Union Territories (UTS) have Bilevel Positive Airway Stress (BiPAP) mode & are quite cost-effective.

The Ministry stated that the “Make in India(In)” ventilators supplied to the states & UTs, involving Delhi(DL), by this MoHFW are meant for ICUs & these ventilators also have different such modes as having being prescribed within the technical specifications.

“The ventilators are being supplied with Consumer Manuals & Feedback Forms that should be referred to for clarity,” the MoHFW stated.

The Ministry comes with the clarification following some of the media records that the problem of BiPAP mode not being available within the ventilators supplied by this Central govt.

BiPAP is probably the most commonly used mode noninvasive positive stress ventilation & requires provisions for inspiratory positive airway stress (IPAP) & expiratory positive airway stress (EPAP).

It furthermore stated that the technical specs for these COVID ventilators were laid down by a Technical Committee of domain knowledge experts headed by this Director-Gen. Health Solutions (DGHS), MoHFW over that the ventilators were procured & supplied.

The ventilators procured & supplied comply with these specifications, it stated.

“Ventilator models BEL & AgVa provided to the states & UTs are complying with the requirements according to the specifications laid down by this Technical Committee.”

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