9 Biggest Horse Racing Events in the World

Every year you will find hundreds of horse racing events that occur across the globe, and people are fascinated by the horse riding events in the world. Over 30 countries participate in these events every year, which are the world’s most luxurious events. Keeping this in mind, the horse events are considered sports kings. Thanks to the long history of sports, a game like horse racing is considered the most respectful and prestigious game. Sports betting has been a part of the horse racing game and is most fascinated by the rich people.

Here is a list of some biggest horse racing tournaments around the globe:

1. The Nakayama Grand Jump

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This horse racing event was started in 1999 in the city of Funabashi, Chiba of Japan, and is occasionally held in the month of mid-April. It is said to be the richest race of horses globally, making it more attractive for tourists and visitors.

The winning prize is the dollar of 2 million. The tracks are covered with turf, dirt, and many other obstacles making the race more fascinating for the viewers. And there is a rule which is that the horses that participate in the game are to be four years old in this racing practice. Visit this website to know more.

2. Kentucky Derby

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The Kentucky Derby may not be the prestigious horse racing game, but it is one of the most recognized ones in the world. It was first played in 1875, and it has occasionally been played on the first Saturday of May every year in Louisville on Churchill Downs Racetrack. The race between the horses doesn’t last for more than two minutes, so it is named the “Greatest two minutes sports game.”

3. Cheltenham Festival

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It occurs every year in the United Kingdom and is the favorite sport of the Britishers. The betting on these sports happens a lot there. The cup is named after the Cheltenham festival known as Cheltenham Gold Cup. This festival was first played in 1860 and is witnessed as the most intriguing race. This festival is for four days in which the race takes place on Friday. It is the oldest game in the United States.

4. Japan Cup

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This is fascinating horse racing in Japan. It was first started in 1981 in Tokyo Racecourse, situated in Fuchu, Tokyo, after which it became the most prestigious game in the tournament. The event takes place in November every year and is followed by a horse race on Sunday. The winning prize for the tournament is set for 5.8 million dollars which makes it the world’s richest game. The good thing about the event is that it does not allow more than ten trained horses from foreign.

5. Melbourne cup

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The Melbourne Cup was first played in 1861. It is played in November every year in which the horse race event takes place on the first Tuesday of the week. This game is held in Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne and is considered the longest race globally at about 3,200-meter long. This is the dream tournament for many world-class jockeys, with a winning price of about 5.3 million dollars. There was only one British-trained horse that won the 2018 this tournament in now.

6. Pegasus World Cup

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In Gulfstream Park racetrack Hallandale Beach, Florida, a US-based horse event. It was one of the first horse racing events in 2017. The date for the horse event for scheduled for last Saturday, of the month January. It first occurred in the year 2017, after which when it occurred for the second time, it broke the history for funding as it received funds of around 16 million dollars. But recently, the price was lowered, but still, it’s considered the most prestigious world sports game.

7. Prix de lā€™ Arc de Triomphe

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This horse racing sports event takes place in Europe and is considered the most elegant sport. It is also known as Arc, which takes place in October on the first Sunday. It is the highest price at about – 5.6 million dollars and was first played in 1920. Arc, by its words, means richness in the horse racing events. This tournament takes place in Paris at Longchamp Racecourse. There is champagne, jazz music, and luxurious amenities, making it an interesting event for tourists. The weight for age is open in the race for the three-year-old and above. This event was inaugurated in 2016 and 2017 by the Chantilly Racecourse.

8. The Baden-Baden

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This tournament was started in 1858 and traditionally lasted for three days. It takes place in Iffezheim, a town in the German city, and is often called the “Royal Ascot.”

The race track has a narrow track due to which only 18 horses can take part in the race. The race is exciting, as the races on other bigger and wider tracks. This is the most-viewed race and also entertains visitors because it is the biggest horse race in western Europe.

9. Dubai World Cup

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Dubai World Cup is the newest comer in the horse race game in the world. This cup was established in 1996 on the vision of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and held in Meydan Racecourse.

Interestingly, people like this event, and now it has gained popularity. Since then, the event has become the richest globally in horse racing, with a total fund prize of around 10 million dollars. The event takes place on March last Saturday every year, and thousands of visitors are gathered to see the event from every corner of the world.


The horse race is considered as the most prestigious racing event across the globe. It is played in different countries and mostly being fascinated by the richest people of the world. This first horse race event took place in 1860. Above are some points which draw light on the biggest horse racing events in the world.